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  1. I have downsized to a GH4 and think its time to let the 7D go. I'd like to sell it as a kit but can split if no one wants the package can provide more details and pictures if required. All in good condition. Individual prices add up to £4,065 but will reduce to £3,500 for job lot. Pick up preferred or can agree shipping costs Canon 7D camera with 2 x batterys, charger, 4 x 8G compact flash memory cards, 18-135 kit lens. £500 Canon 60mm macro £200 Canon 100mm macro £200 Tokina 10-17mm £250 Sigma 17-70mm £175 Kenko 1.4 x tele converter £125 Nauticam 7D housing with vac leak detect, 4 x ball mounts, lanyard carry handle £1000 Nauticam 45 deg viewer £500 Zen optical glass 100mm dome port (tokina 10-17) £450 6 inch acrylic wide angle port (sigma 17-70) £200 Macro port 41 (60mm macro or 100mm + 50mm ext tube) £170 50mm port extension £140 20mm port extension £120 port arrangements - tokina 10-17 with zen 100mm port, 10-17 + 1.4 teleconverter add 20mm extender. Sigma 17-70, 6 inch port + 20mm + 50mm extenders 60mm macro, 41 port 100mm macro, 41 port + 50mm extender Tokina 10-17 zoom gear £75 Tokina 10-17 + 1.4 teleconverter zoom gear £80 Sigma 17-70 zoom gear £80
  2. Hi, i have a canon 7D and tokina 10 - 17 lense and would like to buy a 1.4 x teleconverter. Can anyone recomend a rasonable price teleconverter that will do the job ? I also have a 60 mm macro can one converter cover both ?
  3. Thanks Steve, i'll give it a go. i've got the ikelite housing, has all other buttons except the joystick.
  4. Hi Mike, thanks for trying but no joy with my 7D. besides there isnt a button for the joystick on the housing. Chris
  5. Hi, i have recently got a 7d and it seems a bit long winded to set the custom white ballance having to access it via the menu functions. Does anyone know of a short cut ? My old camera had a button which could be programed to take you straight to wb, i havent found one on my 7d yet ? any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. Im not sure if i get this right but - my lense at wide angle focuses from 1 - 50 cm and at full zoom focuses from 50 cm to infinity If i use a x2 diopter on wide i get 0.5 - 25 cm and on full zoom 25 cm to some shorter distance ?
  7. Hi, i have a Canon G9 in an ikelite housing. I always seem to be in a no win situation when shooting macro. The camera has a minimum focus distance of 1 cm with the lense at its widest (30mm) which in theory would be great for getting in close on macro and filling the frame. But shooting this close means i cant get any light into the shot. If i use the zoom i can shoot from further out which solves the light problem but the minimum focus distance goes up to 50cm (on full zoom) which pushes the subject further away and it no longer fills the frame. Does anyone know what hapens to focus distances if i was to use an external wet diopter ?
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