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  1. +1. OMS SlipStreams. Looks just like Jet fins, but notably lighter, so much better for travel. (as long as you don't need a heavy fin for trim)
  2. Have you considered converting your existing (broken) straps to bungee? You're getting new straps anyway so you can feel free to muck about with the torn one anyway... can't hurt. I've considered converting mine to bungee, which I prefer, but I've been hesitant to cut up a perfectly good strap. You don't have that concern, so give it a shot! Punch two holes through the stock strap (with a paper hole punch or better yet a leather hole punch for a smaller hole), reinforce the hole with a small metal washer, and stick the bungee through. Tie a knot to hold it from pulling through, and loop it through the open part on the other side. That's been my planned modification, at least... if my stock strap ever breaks or I find a spare to play with, I'll go through with it.
  3. I gave a LOT of thought to going with the 1x5, and ended up (today, in fact) deciding that it just didn't work for me. I do love the auto-off feature, but I think Big Blue miffed the implementation a little. The light cuts out for THREE SECONDS (and no, that's not configurable) with each shot. I don't know about you, but it's quite common for me to take more than one shot in three seconds, and beyond that, it's extremely rare for me to ever use shutter speeds over 1 second. I think the Fix/Fisheye Mini/Nano LED lights, with their 1 second cut-out, are about perfect. Three seconds is just too long, to my mind. And the Big Blue is just that... BIG. Too big. Just too many little odd things with it gave me pause and kept me from pulling the trigger. Instead, I went with the I-Torch VDO. Ordered mine today. It's more than the Big Blue, yes, but I feel like I can live with the feature set better, and it's smaller, lighter, and less intrusive than the Fix LED500 (which has the same price) or the Big Blue.
  4. I'll be purchasing one asap as well. My 3G (non-S) has been getting long in the tooth for a while now. I only wish they had a 64mb version. I like the look of the new design, but I'm a bit bummed the new case I just got (just over a month ago!) for my 3G isn't going to work AT ALL with the new phone. Oh well. I'll admit to being a little tempted and intrigued by some of the offering that are coming out for the Android-based phones. Some devs just don't like Apple, and will never port their apps over, even if they would be approved. Of course, other devs are mac-only, so... *shrug* Overall, iPhone has the app edge, but over time that will even out a lot more.
  5. So there are two different answers here... who is right?
  6. C-cell NIMH rechargeables are easy to find ... if you know where to look. I used them in my UK Light Cannon before I went to an HID canister. I'm partial to MAHA cells (and chargers) from www.thomasdistributing.com
  7. DiskWarrior is the only commercial tool you need. Add Onyx if you occasionally want some manual control, but there is little that's needed other than DW and the built-in system utilities to keep the hard drive happy on a Mac.
  8. With the exception of raw, it looks pretty close in specs to the S90 (I haven't done a side-by-side of spec lists, though). Better in that it's smaller smoother form, and actually shoots HD video (grrrr). But is there a housing?
  9. Given the price, you could probably buy two! (only need one housing)
  10. I switch regularly. I sometimes somewhat "dedicate" a dive to WA or macro, but my S90 rig allows me to switch the dive's plan easily and instantly at any time. When I'm on a "wide angle" dive, and I swim by a fellow diver who has found a rare nudi, it's wonderful to pop off the WA lens, pop on the macro lens, and start shooting. Likewise, if a given "nudi hunt" dive turns up bust, but there's a beautiful school of mackerel moving through the area, it's great to pop on the WA lens and go to town. And everything in between.
  11. Video lights just simply aren't enough light (usually). The shutter is only open for a 1/30 of a second at most, and often a LOT less than that. As the quote above mentions, it feels like a lot of light to your eyes, but your eyes aren't blinking open for 1/100th of a second... your camera is. The final issue is the effect on the critters... if you got a set of lights that was perfectly even, and output as much light as a strobe (but continuously), you'd seriously fry the eyeballs of any critters you were trying to photograph! I've used my 21w HID canister light (1500 lumens) as a light source on occasion in a pinch, and you end up with dark, moody photos... some were quite nice, but it wasn't the same as a strobe photo by any means. It can work, but it's far from ideal. Strobes just work too darned well at their intended purpose.
  12. Reef is great. Almost all of our gear has been purchased from them. Just don't depend on email for communication... pick up the phone. I've found they often don't respond promptly (if at all) to mere email inquiries... apparently they get an avalanche of email.
  13. Right, photovan. I have my Fisheye Mini mounted to the camera as well. I keep seeing people who want to use the strobe's aiming lights as focus lights, not quite getting it, so that photo looked like the worst extension of that line of thought! Makes perfect sense as a video light, of course.
  14. Go to "My Controls" (link along the toolbar near the top of the page), and Email settings (link along the left, towards the bottom) and change the last entry to whatever setting you'd like, so your default sends you future modifications.
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