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  1. I believe that in Mexico what goes today may not go tomorrow but will go the next day. It's virtually a crap shoot, you are at the whim of the people that are messing with your gear. One thing is helpful, have your camera clearly marked with your name on it using a tape gun, let's them know you aren't trying to sell the stuff.
  2. Enjoy my latest creation....J.C.
  3. I would definitely recommend the Sea&Sea 1G, it's a 10MP camera, very small housed and with the DX 110 strobe gets great shots. Check my site
  4. Seems like an excellent choice with the caveat that if you really begin getting into photography you may out grow it very quickly. I'm now on my 4th and hopefully last camera. Started with an Olympus 4MP, then went to Sea&Sea 5- 8- and now 10 with their 1G which is a great camera. Jim www.jcscuba.com
  5. I've put together a selection of artifacts, from my dive travels. The are available for sale on my website. www.jcscuba.com Enjoy, Jim
  6. Since weight restrictions and carry on luggage has become a major issue with the airlines, I've switched from hard case check it to XS Scuba roller bag the fits in overhead compartment with ease. Jim www.jcscuba.com
  7. HI Tim: As a past partner in a Scuba Diving shop. We sold both Sea&Sea at a ratio of about 10:1 housing over Ike. Ike makes a good strobe, but the housing in my opinion is no way a nice looking, and the plastic just isn't aerodynamically pleasing. The tended to be more mechanical without the electronics built in with S&S. Also this probably represents shop bias, we dive a great deal around the world as a group and I have never seen an Ike housing on any of our trips. Upside is they will be significantly less expensive. I don't know the difference between the D40 and the D400 but it seemed like you were receiving reasonable advice. You might consider talking with Joe Liburdi. He is retired now but is always willing to help photographers. He is 78 years old and has been diving and shooting under water since Moses Parted the Red Sea. You can contact him at his travel site, www.joeliburdi.com I'm on my 5th digital camera, only real advice I can give on housing is buy it right the first time. Also Joe and his wife Cara wrote the Book on Sea and Sea Cameras.
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