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  1. Bought a DS-51 strobe, ev control, tray, and arms from tonyinasia. Paid via paypal, was shipped the next day and received 3 days later. Everything looks brand new even though some was used.
  2. Still looking for one. If someone just has the strobe, EV, and arm, I can buy the dual tray somewhere else.
  3. I was set on getting a manual DS-51 as my first strobe for my ikelite housing, but after reading some more, I'm leaning more towards an Inon. I have the canon 570IS, so the ikelite housing doesn't support TTL. I've read that a lot of people like the Inon D-2000. The main reason I was leaning towards the DS-51 was because it was cheaper and easy to figure out what parts I need. I looked at the DS-125 and 160, but they are probably out of my price range and I don't really want a battery pack. I was trying to get an estimate on a price of an Inon D-2000, but there are a whole bunch of models and they recently closed down their U.S. website and I can't find a trustworthy/well priced website with them. Along with that, I don't know what arms, base, and such I need for it. I priced my DS-51 package with the arm at around 550 or so at BHphotovideo.
  4. my email is s7eve06 (at) gmail.com
  5. Looking to buy a DS-51 strobe set with a tray. My ikelite housing doesn't support TTL, so I need a manual one. It's gonna be my first strobe, so I basically need a whole set. Please contact me via here or PM me.
  6. Hey Brandon, I too have been looking at the DS-51 as my first strobe mainly due to price, but have yet to decide. The other models Ikelite has (125, 160) have better recycle times, but they use a rechargeable battery which some people don't like. Another one that I see people using is the Inon D-2000. I'm sure there are several threads out there comparing different types. You can use this website as well to compare: http://www.digitaldiver.net/strobes.php
  7. yup, there is no affect on the firmware. you can simply turn off and on the camera and its back to its original state. there is a way to have the chdk automatically load when you turn on the camera, but i havent looked into it. as Tjsnapper has said, some of the most useful features are the RAW, battery indicator, live histograms, overriding shutter and aperture speeds, and some of the programs that people have created (motion detectors, burst shots, etc)
  8. I just bought my camera/housing this year and already looking at strobes to get. I do mostly snorkeling with it, so I generally don't have to use the cameras flash and hawaii/bahamas/florida have sort of the same waters. Remember that color is lost rapidly as you descend deeper. With the cameras flash you will most likely encounter problems such as backscatter, over/under exposure, etc.
  9. I just got into underwater photography this year, so I can relate to sifting through all the choices and different types out there. I was also looking at sealife, but the DC800 model instead. I would try to see if you can find some pictures that people took with the reefmaster, or if you can get your hands on it. That said, I opted to buy a canon 570is with an ikelite housing. Main reason was the manual settings and RAW capability and I haven't been disappointed yet (you can check out my flickr in my signature). I'm planning on getting a strobe and macro lens real soon. Canon also makes their own housing for the 570is for a bit cheaper. The canon+ikelite housing came out to around 440, and a canon+canon housing would be around 320.
  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback. The chkdsk hack really opens up more options for me since I wanted to have RAW capability. The 570 IS looks like a solid camera, it's pretty inexpensive which will give me more room on my strobes and possible lenses later on. One drawback I have, though, is that it uses AA batteries. I know you can get rechargeable ones, but I like having a rechargeable camera. I looked at the 720 IS as well and some others from the A series, but I don't think it has enough extra features to warrant the extra 100 or so dollars I'd spend on the whole thing. Other than that, I will probably the 570IS with an ikelite housing unless anyone has any other recommendations that will be better with macro. I'm debating between the canon housing and ikelite housing now. People have said that the canon housing supports more lenses, but the ikelite is higher quality. Not sure on strobe capabilities on both, but I'm sure there are some pros and cons to each.
  11. Are you sure you don't have just a giant air bubble?
  12. So I'm looking into getting an UW camera for macro shots and wide angle shots as well as use as a land camera. I've been looking into the sealife DC800 since it's relatively cheap. I can get it in a couple days for $800 with the camera, housing, and strobe attachment. I looked at its specs and noticed it only offers JPEG pictures. I am going to play around with them in photoshop so I want a high quality picture to start out with. Is there any other camera that is within my budget (~1000 total) that fits my specs or is the DC800 good for its price? I looked at the sea & sea DX860G, but was told it's discontinued. I'm going to use it for: macro shots share with friends/family maybe video just for fun editing in photoshop going to purchase a wide angle lens later on I live in Hawaii so although the strobe isn't too much of an issue, I still want to have one for better shots. Most of the time I will be snorkeling, but will scuba every once and a while. Thanks
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