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    canon 50D
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    sea&sea MDX for 40D
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  1. Hi guys, I would like to sell my INON UFL-MR130 for reflex (you must use it with canon 60mm macro) If you need, i have the SAGA adapter for sea&sea housing. All in pristine condition. The rear cap of the len has a little scrach , but the lens is perfect. The Kit is in Spain, but there is no problem for world shipping. Shipping cost is not included INON UFL-MR130... 600 € SAGA adapter. ... 100 € Best regards Please contact here: juanjoenlasnubes(in)gmail.com Hola amigos, Pongo a la venta mi lente endoscópica INON UFL-MR130 para réflex. La vendo por usarla muy poco, está impecable, tan solo la tapa trasera (la tapa, no la lente) tiene un pequeño toque. El precio es de 600 € Vendo también el puerto-adaptador de SAGA para esta lente y para caja sea&sea. Su precio 100 €. Está impecable. Si alguien esta interesado puedo enviarle fotos, contactad por favor en el correo juanjoenlasnubes(en)gmail.com Un saludo y gracias Juanjo Alonso
  2. Dear friends, we are proud to tell you, a new free magazine is now available in www.aqarevista.com By now it´s only in spanish, but we are sure will be an english version in a few months Best regards! Estimados amigos, Estamos encantados de anunciar que una nueva revista de buceo, online y gratuita, está disponible en www.aqarevista.com Por ahora sólo en castellano, esperamos poder tener versión en inglés en poco tiempo. Saludos!
  3. i´m trying to continue playing with the INON bug eye, so this afternoon i returned to the river and took this photos. I don´t know the english name of this kind of plain fish hope you like it
  4. The first photo is probably one of the best salmon photo i ever seen. We can see the complete landscape and the fish...fantastic shot! i prefer first version, probably the middle way is the perfect one :-)
  5. thanks for your comments guys, the camera is a canon 50D and the shot was done at f32 and 1/15, perhaps this was the problem with the sharpness. i hope this unit will be from the last, it seems to be good, but its evident that sharpness is not the talent of the len :-) i will insist with it...
  6. Hi guys, I recently try for first time my new Inon bug eye. It was in a river, where i expect to work a lot with this toy, and my first dive was not as good as i expected je je. I used a pair a powerled lights to avoid the big strobes i normaly use. The imagen quality is not as good as i ´d like, but hope to improve it in the next dives good day
  7. what well done pictures!!, 2 and 4 are really lovely ones
  8. the wreck and specially the sea horse are my favorites, great work
  9. second one is really fantastic, love colours and composition
  10. first of all is a beautiful picture, and the WB works really good
  11. 1, 3 and 4 are my favorites, great photos!
  12. Thank you Col. The shot was made with a strobe under a tupperware white cup with water. Another strobe mounted on the camera made the rest
  13. Thank you all for your words, and thank you Tom, i know your work and i love the photos you take, so i´m glad to hear this from you :-) Yes, pictures were taken in Spain, in the little rivers of the north coast, in Asturias, where i live. I´m trying to preserve atlantic salmons in the only way i can, showing my photos to the people you can see part of my work in http://bajoelagua.es/bajoelagua/peces_rio.html Perhaps we can talk about our works Juanjo
  14. this pictures were taken with a canon 50D and a 60mm macro lens ;-)
  15. I´d like to show you the two different ways i pictured these little atlantic salmon eggs. I would be pleased to hear your opinion
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