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  1. Hello Xterra - There are several of these listed on Ebay for as little as $600 to $700. My offer is $650. Thanks for your consideration. JC
  2. Greetings - I am interested in this lens. Is it still for sale? If so, would you consider an offer below your asking price? Thanks, Joe
  3. I would like to make an offer of something less than the $2,250 that you are asking, but I don't want to waste our time if you are firm on your asking price - please advise. Thanks much.
  4. Hi - I have strobes, so I wouldn't need to purchase your YS-D1.
  5. Dear Kapiko - I am interested in your Sony package but first a couple of questions: 1, Why are you selling the package? 2, You are asking 90% of the value - that seems a bit high, even though everything looks pristine. Are you willing to consider an offer more in the 75% of value range? Thanks very much.
  6. Would you be interested in a nearly new condition Subal ND20 with GS180 magnifying viewfinder?
  7. John - Thanks very much for the suggestion, however, I am looking for the port with manual focus capability - the one on ebayuk only works with autofocus. Saludos, Joe
  8. I am looking for a good condition Subal port for a Nikon 60mm/2.8 Micro Nikkor with manual focus capability.
  9. I have a minimally used Subal ND20 for sale with the upgarded GS180 viewfinder - hardly even a scratch on it. I will be happy to send photos, further info, etc. $3,250
  10. Roger - How about $200 for the new one? If it's in LA, I can pick it up. Thanks, Joe
  11. Is the dome port still for sale? Thanks, Joe
  12. Are these lights and cords still available? Where are you located? Thanks, Joe
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