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  1. Here are some more from Cay Sal Banks. Favorites? Comments and critiques welcome - still trying to learn...
  2. I'm with Steve. I like the focus and the composition better in #1. I think the eye moves over #1 more which is an indicator of a better picture to me. I also agree with Steve in that we can all like the both just fine. Well done...
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I used a Nikon D300 in an aquatica housing with 2 DS 125 strobes. I processed the file in Lightroom and Photoshop. I reduced the size and sharpened on a layer set to luminosity. I struggle with the correct amount of sharpening when changing the image size (up or down) or for different viewing devices (monitor or paper). In any case thanks Steve and Beach Bum. Without writing a novel - any other tips???
  4. My first from Cay Sal. Comments and critiques welcome...
  5. Comments and critiques welcome...
  6. Thanks everyone for the help! I had a feeling it would be a good idea to tap into the knowledge base of Wetpixel - and it was. I hope this was not my only SAGA (semi annual good idea...). Just fyi - I use an Aquatica case around a D300 and I will be driving down to Lauderdale. The days are ticking by slowly now - I leave on August 22nd. I'm guessing the days will go by quickly once on board. I have added some tools, CF cards, an external HD and a rebuild kit for the housing (o-rings & greese). Hopefully I will be able to post some good shots from the trip. Thanks gain for the help... Jeff Phillips
  7. If one could take part in the Florida (Jupiter) part I'm in. I would love to dive with the folks from Wetpixel. I dive Jupiter Whenver I can and would relish sharing the experience with people from this community. I would also be willing to help out with logistics if needed. I live in Centeral Florida, about 3 hours drive from Jupiter, so I could do some prep work in the area if any is needed. Keep us informed if you set something up - or if you need help setting something up...
  8. I am headed on my first live aboard trip to Cay Sal and thought I would tap the knowledge base of Wetpixel. Any items I should pack, or put another way - anything you wish you had packed on your first live aboard? Any other advice you can think of? Thanks in advance.
  9. Most helpful indeed - everyone. I have some new things to try out on my next dive. I really did use ISO 1000. I thought it might be too dark at 80 feet so I upped the iso figuring an error on the right side of the histogram would be the lesser error. It my be the lessor error (or not) but it did not make for a better picture. I'll try stopping down and setting my iso at 200 next. Thanks for the all the feedback and knowledge base... Jeff
  10. Thanks Chris. That's exactly the kind of help I need. Some exposure info: Turtle: Nikon D300 Manual Mode ISO 1000 70mm f/10 1/160 2 DS 125 set at 1/4 each Depth 75 Feet Trumpet Fish: Nikon D300 Manual Mode ISO 1000 45mm f/13 1/160 2 DS 125 set at 1/4 left 1/8 right
  11. I'm still trying. Feel free to chime in with any suggestions (in the water or in post production) on my latest attempts. I'm still working on every aspect of underwater photography (as you can tell)...
  12. Always trying to improve; Comments are welcome. Gray Reef Shark, Jupiter Florida.
  13. As the others have correctly pointed out hurricane season is far from predictable. However, since 1851 486 storms have hit Florida or about 3 a year on average. 60% of those storms hit in September, the most active month. That does not stop me from living here though. When there is not a hurricane (which is most of the time) the seas are generally flat with welcoming warm tropical water. Kitty has good advice; book the trip, buy trip insurance and have a plan B. You will kick yourself if the weather is great at Tiger Beach and you aren't there.
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