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  1. I'm with Steve. I like the focus and the composition better in #1. I think the eye moves over #1 more which is an indicator of a better picture to me. I also agree with Steve in that we can all like the both just fine. Well done...

  2. Hi Jeff,

    What camera setup did you use the make the shot? The vert composition is nice and I like the color. At first blush it looks right on the edge of over sharpened on my screen. What did you use to process the file?





    Thanks for the feedback. I used a Nikon D300 in an aquatica housing with 2 DS 125 strobes. I processed the file in Lightroom and Photoshop. I reduced the size and sharpened on a layer set to luminosity. I struggle with the correct amount of sharpening when changing the image size (up or down) or for different viewing devices (monitor or paper). In any case thanks Steve and Beach Bum. Without writing a novel - any other tips???

  3. Thanks everyone for the help! I had a feeling it would be a good idea to tap into the knowledge base of Wetpixel - and it was. I hope this was not my only SAGA (semi annual good idea...). Just fyi - I use an Aquatica case around a D300 and I will be driving down to Lauderdale. The days are ticking by slowly now - I leave on August 22nd. I'm guessing the days will go by quickly once on board. I have added some tools, CF cards, an external HD and a rebuild kit for the housing (o-rings & greese). Hopefully I will be able to post some good shots from the trip. Thanks gain for the help...


    Jeff Phillips

  4. If one could take part in the Florida (Jupiter) part I'm in. I would love to dive with the folks from Wetpixel. I dive Jupiter Whenver I can and would relish sharing the experience with people from this community. I would also be willing to help out with logistics if needed. I live in Centeral Florida, about 3 hours drive from Jupiter, so I could do some prep work in the area if any is needed. Keep us informed if you set something up - or if you need help setting something up...

  5. Hey Jeff did you really use ISO 1000


    If so you may want to try setting the base ISO of 200 on the D300 this will give you an image with little or no noise.

    Having said that I can't see any noise in the images you've posted.

    With ISO 1000 the ambient light will over expose the whole image which I suspect has happened in the Turtle shot especially at 1/160th.


    It's sometimes preferable to under-expose the background by a couple of stops to give some contrast to the subject, with the subject correctly exposed using the strobe(s)




    Nikon D300 1/320sec f13 ISO-200 metered for the water and sunburst less 3 stops


    BTW the red of the Trumpetfish against the blue water background works for me


    I hope this is of help.


    Nige Wade


    Most helpful indeed - everyone. I have some new things to try out on my next dive. I really did use ISO 1000. I thought it might be too dark at 80 feet so I upped the iso figuring an error on the right side of the histogram would be the lesser error. It my be the lessor error (or not) but it did not make for a better picture. I'll try stopping down and setting my iso at 200 next. Thanks for the all the feedback and knowledge base...



  6. Thanks Chris. That's exactly the kind of help I need. Some exposure info:



    Nikon D300

    Manual Mode

    ISO 1000




    2 DS 125 set at 1/4 each

    Depth 75 Feet


    Trumpet Fish:

    Nikon D300

    Manual Mode

    ISO 1000




    2 DS 125 set at 1/4 left 1/8 right

  7. Thanks for the ideas and feedback. I re-worked the white balance, sharpened and cloned and came up with this:



    I also used your B&W suggestion and came up with this:


    I did not try to replicate you conversion (you did such a great job) I just wanted to see if what else might be there.


    After a fair amount of work I think the only thing I managed to highlight is my lack of technique during the capture phase. The first B&W is my favorite. The first color (blue cast) version hides a lot of sins. Any other suggestions or comments? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller??

  8. As the others have correctly pointed out hurricane season is far from predictable. However, since 1851 486 storms have hit Florida or about 3 a year on average. 60% of those storms hit in September, the most active month. That does not stop me from living here though. When there is not a hurricane (which is most of the time) the seas are generally flat with welcoming warm tropical water. Kitty has good advice; book the trip, buy trip insurance and have a plan B. You will kick yourself if the weather is great at Tiger Beach and you aren't there.

  9. Hi,


    I like the image, but I also think that it needs more cropping. I think that you can still get the effect of the squid coming out of the void with an asymmetric crop. I gave it a try (also increased the contrast a little bit). See what you think.post-17038-1219468305.jpg



    Thanks for the tips and I like your crop better as well as the contrast adjustment... Thanks for the help!

  10. I've been using two DS-125's and learning quite a bit. Someday I believe I will even take a good picture. Now the question. On my last night dive the strobes worked fine at the start of the dive, then started auto firing randomly (randomly but in sync and the shutter lever was not activated) then stopped firing even when the shutter was activated. The focus light was on on both strobes during the dive. I turned the strobes off then back on - first just on then on with light. The light came on but the strobes did not fire. Then by chance I turned the shutter speed dial on the housing and when the dial was turned the strobes would fire in time with the dial being turned (D300 with Aquatica housing). After that the strobes worked fine. Ever heard of this?? Any suggestions as to what I might have messed up?? Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge base

  11. Just a few observations from a fellow amateur. It might be just personal taste, but I find that the white balance on both pictures to be too cool/ blue and could do with upping the WB temperature and shifting the tint more to the reds.


    Agree with Giles on the composition. Would be nice if the turtle was coming towards the camera and if you didn't chop the shark in half.


    If you don't mind, I took the liberty of doing a quick and dirty WB adjustment in Adobe Bridge Raw on the first jpg (just pushing the WB temperature and tint sliders to the right).


    Thanks for the great feedback and suggestions. Giles - you are right on my aiming of the strobes and composition. Like I said still learning.


    Great job reprocessing the photo Pakman. I see what you mean by adjusting the white balance and tint. I had the camera set on cloudy and went with that setting in ACR. I thought it was ok until I saw your tweak. Posting your reprocessed photo is very helpful. Thanks for the knowledge-base everyone...

  12. Steve - Thanks for the advice and input. I think you are right on with both shots. I had no illusions that National Geographic would be asking for permission to use these. If you can believe it the lighting was even worse on the octo shot in the raw file. Heavy post processing to get a usable shot - always an indication of poor form on capture. Like I said in the title - still learning. Everything is harder underwater. Everybody here already knows that but I have new respect for underwater photographers. Hopefully I will continue to improve. Keep the advice coming - I appreciate the time knowledge base. Here is another shot from the same trip:


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