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  1. Then I am still a flat-earthling . I sold my TTL converter shortly after acquiring it. Manual works for me. And it's one piece less equipment to hook up and worry.
  2. It's Chinese New Year festive and I will not have shark fin soup. For our traditional family reunion dinner this evening, I have requested to change the shark fin soup to other soup. I have stopped eating shark fin soup for about 2 years now. I hope my one small step will encourage more to do the same - divers and non-divers.
  3. The word is manhandling. I have seen divers poking and digging to get the creature out of their hiding for their own pleasure. That I dispise! A slight nudge and tap on the rock to get attention does not amount to manhandling. But lifting a nudi to achieve a desired background don't get my admiration.
  4. I am happy with mine. I used it for my 10.5mm FE and 17-35mm (extension ring required).
  5. I guess that is a yes if it is not for personal photography objective
  6. A novice diver with ONLY 10 dives possessing a Deep Diver license (whatever is that) and a PADI Nitrox license (read qualification) but without a PADI AOW qualification??? Wow!
  7. I despise anyone manhandling nudi or any other creature for the sake of their photography objective.
  8. Thank you, Drew. So I am one of the few who wanted it. I hope there is no problem with this housing before I sink my $$$ in and sell my MDX-D300.
  9. Pardon if this has been discussed but I was not able to find any answer to it. I am planning to get a Sea&Sea MDX-D700 (still available from some stores) but would like to hear if there is any design/manufacuring problems with it. When Sea&Sea discontinued it shortly after launching, I was told it was planned limited production. But I still cannot figure out why from a commercial view. Thx.
  10. During a surface interval at Anilao last year, a whale shark came into the bay. Amid the shouts of excitement, the boatman quickly started the boat and anyone who could, jump onboard. I was without my cam and only a mask swam close enough to touch the shark. Yes, unfortunately Murphy at work but it was a great brief encounter with a whale shark - my first encounter by the way.
  11. Thank you Paul for the very informative reply. Getting o-rings of similar sizes will not a problem but getting them with the correct hardness could be. It's unfortunate that Sea&Sea wouldn't sell o-ring kit in my country (Singapore).
  12. Need some helps to get o-rings to service my MDX-D300. Is there any online store selling them? I don't mean the housing, port or strobe o-rings but the knobs and buttons. Thank you.
  13. I imposed a self restrain of 6 shots but must admit occasional strays.
  14. I had the same problem when I switched from film (F100) to digital (D300) last year (not counting land photography, I was shooting uw (on film) for about a year then). I quickly ran out and bought myself a TTL converter which I quickly decided that it does not help very much once I get used to digital. If you have been shooting well in film, I would suggest to give yourself some more exposure (pardon the pun) before investing in a TTL converter.
  15. Resolved. The bolt is underneath the label (M, C, S focus mode). Remove the label and unscrew to remove knob.
  16. Don't leave your housing/cam in direct sunlight between dives. The moisture within could condensate. Otherwise, there should be no problem in high humidity location like SE Asia. At least for me (other than the one-time encounter with condensation due to direct sunlight).
  17. Thank you, surfsukpcorp. I found the pin on the push button but my affected button is a turning button and still can figure out how to remove it.
  18. The problem is I cannot find the e- or c- clip. Someone with a MDX-D300 please tell where is the clip is hidden on this button? No, I was not trying to open it by turning with a plier. I was trying to say that it got so jammed up that I can only turn it with force with a plier. Thank you.
  19. The focus mode button on my housing is jammed; I can only turn it by force with a plier. I have been trying to open it but can't figure how. Can someone give me a head up? Thx.
  20. I would recommend the NX Dome or Optical Dome for the 10.5 FE. I had replaced my NX Compact with the Optical when I got the 10.5 FE. Great port!
  21. There are shops in Singapore that you can get competitive price with good service. And there are shops that you can get a very low price for the key item (say the DSLR) but you may ended up paying exorbitant prices for accessories. Cathay Photo as mentioned is a reputable shop (no, I don't work for them) with competitive price but not the lowest. When will you be in Singapore? If I am available, I can offer my assistance. KK
  22. QUOTE (davichin @ May 29 2009, 12:39 AM) I would not do it. You only need to put a little tape on the hotshoe like in the drawings at the bottom of the page below: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/sync_cord_d1x.html#seedown and it will work as two pin connector. The difference is that if/when you want to use iTTL you only need to take the tape off instead of rewiring from 2 to 5 again. Hey David. A BIG thank you again. It is so simple to just tape it and it work. You have saved me a lot of time and possibly agonies. If only Sea&Sea would made this know to the customer . . . Thank you, again.
  23. I have been shooting one strobe on slave and was thinking of getting a twin-sync cord. But Sea&Sea's option to convert gave me the idea to rewire it myself so I can use both connectors and save myself a twin-sync cord.
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