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  1. Is there any specific reason to have the shorter arm on the housing and the longer one on the strobe? I am going to use this set up this weekend: 12" on housing and 5" on strobe on a 10.5mm lens. Note: the 12" were new acquistion. Thx.
  2. Looking for fellow phtotographers to go to Tioman from 12 to 14 Sep. Will dive with Tioman Reef Divers at Tekek Village; Interested parties, please respond to this thread. Thx.
  3. Yes, great idea. Anyone in Singapore to dive Tioman 12-14 Sept? I will post this in the proper section.
  4. I decided to do uw photo shortly after I started diving bcos I wanted to do more than following the dive guide on a group tour. I like to spend my time observing the uw citizens. I love the independence of doing my own thing. Of course, I get satisfaction from sharing my pics with fellow divers and non diving friends but ultimately it's my passion in photograpy that matters.
  5. In my business travel, I had been to a few cities and towns across Indoneisa. Custom's greed and abuse are all in a day work. One of the things (of course the foolproof one is just pay) that had worked for me when they get too unreasonable was to raise the voice so it is audible to all around you, not forgetting to mention the name of the guy who is giving trouble. Caution: use with discretion.
  6. You may want to recheck your sync cords and receptacles again. A sunken or corroded pin may not firing problem.
  7. I m considering the Z240 and the YS110 for the multiple level control. U seems happy with your YS110. Would you recommend it? I m currently using two YS90Duo. Thank you.
  8. I share your pain . . . so sorry to hear this. I had a leak (not flooded) on my MDX-D300 housing on a recent trip. It surprized me as i have been quite meticulous with my o-ring maintenance. The cause was due to depressed o-ring on the left side of the housing. It must have happened when I was closing the cover. Lesson learnt = wiser the next time.
  9. I hv got a TTL Conv III for my YS90 Duo strobes. It does not work on its maiden trip and i ended shooting manual. I hv done some testing last weeked and found that it was rather emotional; sometimes work, sometimes don't. Additionally, it will only fire when both strobes are swithed on to TTL. It will not fire if only one strobe is swiched on. Netiher will it work if only one strobe is connected. I will be doing more testing this weekend. Perhaps it is not fully compatible with YS90 Duo. Anyone can share their experience?
  10. You have answered my question if dome port is ok for macro lens. I had been cautioned that dome are specifically designed for wide angle and may result in undesirable result with macro. If dome is ok on macro, why are we using flat port? That is, other than taking subject in confined space. Thx.
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