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  1. Everything has been SOLD. Thanks to those who replied.
  2. Pascal and john1533, sorry but every thing has been sold but lenses and Pelican Ikelite case. Jen, PM sent on lenses.
  3. Sale pending on all but the pelican case and two lenses.
  4. Canon 40D body Canon 100mm f/2.8 ultrasonic Tokina 10-17mm fisheye Ikelite 40D housing (2) DS-125 strobes Split cable for the strobes 8" dome port ultrawide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) port Body Port for 100mm ultrasonic macro Pelican Case from Ikelite Asking $4000 I'm asking $4000 for the whole package. I've got a screen shot I've attached of an order page from B&H with what I am selling with a total cost of $6,430 Although I forgot to put on the Ikelite Dual sync cable which is another $150 new. In the case of the DS-125s I substituted two DS-160s and with the housing I used the current housing for the 40D/50D. The housing I am selling does not support the TTL electronics of the 50D as the 50D was not out yet when I purchased the system. The housing can however be upgraded by Ikelite to support the electronics of the 50D. The screen shot of the B&H page has all the part numbers of what I have listed if you need those although like I said the strobes are DS-125's and the housing is the original 40D housing not the 40D/50D housing and I also have the dual TTL cable as well as singles for the strobes. Everything is in top condition and though you can see that its not new, nothing shows any wear. I'm going to be looking to sell this all together and It makes a very nice complete package but If I can't find a buyer I will split it all up so if you see something you want you're welcome to go ahead and let me know. Give me a call at (602) 628-2414 or shoot me an email at prawnzz@gmail.com I'm located in Phoenix, Arizona.
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