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  1. My photos are posted at http://www.johnsearth.com/uw/Komodo2014/index.html There were plenty of pygmy seahorses ...
  2. Great trip! Thanks to Wetpixel and Jason and all my fellow divers. Here are a few shots of our fearless leader hard at work.
  3. Wonderful photos. I like how the shrimp in the first two are so perfectly color-matched to their hosts.
  4. Lovely shots. Great lighting. Very moody.
  5. Nice captures. That HQ shrimp looks even bigger now. Well fed! Glad you enjoyed SS, it is a wonderful operation.
  6. Great shot of the orange nudi on the orange background.
  7. 6 weeks of photos? I would want at least 2 copies. You could have a sufficient qty of cards to never overwrite, and back them up to the ColorSpace. I end up with 3 copies. My routine: 1. Copy to ColorSpace 2. Connect ColorSpace to MacBook Air and copy files to MBA (erase CF card after verify) 3. Every couple of days back up MBA external drive (to capture adjustments made) You can never be too safe.
  8. Steve, do you carry-on your housing, strobes, ports, etc? Or just the camera gear?
  9. Me too. The nudi on blue is a knockout.
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