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  1. I usually go to bubbles dive resort http://www.bubblesdc.com/ on Pulau Perhentian. They are very good instructers, and the diving is quite good. The resort is in a really quiet cove, and is quite comfortable. Matt
  2. I'm upgrading to the new version, so like to sell the one I have now. It's the 5508.05 version that has manual focus. Port is in good condition, and I have all the gears. I'd like to get around 75$ for the port. Also, I have the 105mm lens up on ebay now. It's item #29000177015 Best way to contact me is by email: messar@tqs.com Thanks, matt
  3. I'm based in Ipoh, fairly close to the west coast. Any recommended diving operations? Any good locations withing 4 hrs drive or so? thanks, Matt
  4. I'd check http://www.resellerratings.com/ for store that has the camera for 1089$. I saw this price to, and decided that it was probably too good to be true. Matt
  5. Hi, First of all, I appologize if this is off topic - I will put the camera into a housing as quickly as I can...... I will probably be relocating to Malaysia this summer. I plan on using this as as excuse to get a new digital camera. Does anyone know how the prices for this in Singapore or Hong Kong compare to the US price? Thanks, matt
  6. I'll be in the Manila area next week on business and would like to get a few dives in on Saturday. Any suggestions where to go and stay? Please reply to me email address as I may not have easy web access. messar@tqs.com Thanks, Matt
  7. Hi, I too am quite interested in how you built your housing. In partlcular, how did you do the pass throughs for the controls? thanks, matt
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