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  1. Hi there...actually its all ok - in the water, focused to infinity the shade is barely visible. Basically nothing to worry about. First test results look promising...have posted some of these test results on my blog.
  2. Hi Juerg, How did you get on with this? I have just got the Zen and shaved the Sigma 15mm fisheye shade down last night. I used a Dremel with a steel cutter using a jubilee clip as a guide and it worked a dream - the finish was super. The only problem I am seeing now is that when the lens focuses at its widest, behind the Zen, the corners of the shade of the Zen are in the frame (only slightly - but they are there). What were your findings? I am thinking that the kenko 1.4 extension ring might work but this will mean further shaving of the shade and the lens may not even fit behind the port. Worst case scenario, I will use the Zen with the Tokina on my D2Xs but I really wanted this to work with the D3s. Your feedback and experiences would be appreciated.
  3. Hi there... Did you manage to sell the port - am interested...let me know. Thanks Warren
  4. Hi Juerg, How did you get on with this..im looking at doing exactly the same with the D3s - 15mm Sigma in a Zen 4" Mini Dome. Problem is, is that I've had some feedback not to bother with the 100mm and instead look at either the 6" or 8". Did you manage to adjust your sigma and try it out in the mini dome. If yes...would be really interested to find out if you had any issues with soft corners etc. All the best - Warren
  5. I am selling my backup Subal ND2H Housing and Nikon D2X camera (body only). Both items are in excellent condition and have only been used on a backup/secondary basis. The housing comes with 2 Nikonos V flash connectors and standard viewfinder. This housing has never been flooded - check the photographs for yourself. Upgrading to the Subal ND3s... Worldwide shipping is possible - buyer to cover the cost. Looking for $2750 - if you are interested you can contact me at versto@emirates.net.ae
  6. hi there - is the port still for sale? - if so let me know...all the best Warren
  7. For Sale – Sea & Sea Housings, Ports DX-D200 & DX-D70 and D70 Digital Camera, plus Sea & Sea D90 TTL Strobe Sea & Sea DX-D200 housing for the Nikon D200 Sea & Sea DX-D70 housing for the Nikon D70 Nikon D70 Digital Camera Nikkor 18-55mm F3.5-5.6G Sea & Sea D90 TTL Strobe Sea & Sea Sync Cord (5-Pin) for YS Series Strobes to Nikonos Bulkhead NX – Standard Flat Port (56101) – Nikkor 18-55mm NX – Compact Dome Port (56601) – Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye SX – Extension Ring (50261) – Nikkor 12-24mm (when combined with the Compact Dome Port) NX – Compact Macro Port Base (56201) Compact Macro Port 79 (56251) SX – Zoom Gear (31131) for the Canon 18-55mm but fixes to the Nikon 18-55mm All with existing and a spare brand new set of o-rings. All items are in excellent condition – never been flooded. For detailed photographs of the equipment please email warrenb@emirates.net.ae Will accept paypal – payer covers paypal charges. Will ship – payer covers shipping charges. Sorry - but not prepared to split items – only $2000 for the lot.
  8. Hi Tom - am interested in the 2 x YS-250 -I know you don't want to split but am prepared to make an offer if you have changed your mind. Let me know how you feel about it. All the best
  9. thanks for the reply - am looking at buying direct from Subal and your price is nearly the same as what they are asking - I can pay $300 max if you are interested - all the best
  10. Hi - I am interested in the macro port..do you still have it? what its condition like and how much?
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