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  1. Misposted before... I will send you a message about this item and ask moderator to delete this post
  2. This item is sold. Thanks for your interest.
  3. Sure, Doug. The housing is for the Canon PowerShot G9. The strobe is a DS-51. Thank you! Rob
  4. THanks, Frank. Any idea on the G10 vs. the G9?
  5. Ikelite writes the G9 and G10 are not compatible: "Sorry but the answers is no to all your questions. Although the housings look similar, they are different and we do not offer retro-fits. Thanks for the inquiry."
  6. Thanks all for the scientific identification of the problem and the tips! Looks like we have a confirmed backscatter sighting, and I have to start working with Photoshop!
  7. Wow! Beautiful color. If you have a second tell us what you took the photo with (esp. strobes)! I'm trying to learn wide angle and it's a struggle!
  8. Hi, Diggy. This is a G9 housing. There was never any alteration done. The Ikelite site lists this as a G7-G9 housing (discontinued), so presumably it is the same for both cameras. They listed the G7 and G9 housing as separate housings (with the G7 discontinued) when I bought my G9, but now those 2 are the same. Perhaps they are using the same approach with the G10 when in fact it is the same, too. Anyway, I will post the answer if Ikelite responds to my question... Thanks! Rob
  9. Thanks for your interest. I don't know the answer to your question. I have asked Ikelite the following q's by email and will post their response when I hear from them. - I own a G9 housing. Will it work with a G10? - If not completely, what functionality will not work? - Can it be retrofitted? - If so, can you please provide a quote for doing this? Rob
  10. I like the attitude of this little guy peering out into the universe. I watched him bobble across the fan and then he got to this BIG BIG gap!! He's a pygmy denise, so only about a cm tall.
  11. Am I nuts for trusting the Allstate agent who says that flooding a camera is not a grounds for exclusion for photographic equipment that is listed as "all perils scheduled property" on a homeowners/condo-owners/or renters' policy? The rates seem to be about 1.5% of the purchase price per year. Allstate replaced other scheduled property for me in the past quickly and with no surprises other than scheduled property is reimbursed at the purchase price (not the replacement value, as with unscheduled property). And, yes, with Allstate I had a check in my hand in less than 3 weeks from the time the other scheduled property was damaged. Allstate was INCREDIBLY easy to work with. (Cannot say the same for another company that had a rural name and a red logo... They were sleazy.)
  12. Why am I getting nasty dustspots and what can I do? I've been shooting RAW photos with a Nikon D300 / Sea & Sea MDX-300 setup / 2 ys-110 alpha strobes / TTL converter. Generally, I have been intentionally underexposing most of my shots, especially when taking pictures of light objects on a colorful background. When I bump up the exposure of the photos, however, I get big, nasty dust spots that weren't visible until I loaded these up on a PC and tried to edit the photos. The D300 has a self-clean feature for dust, which unfortunately I did not use until I got back from my trip and saw the pictures on a big screen. I'm not sure if the dust spots are from the sensor or from the lens, which I carefully rinsed in large, fresh-water, photo-only tanks for several hours each eve (and for a shorter time after each dive). Anyway, 100's if not 1000's of photos with this problem... Is this a lens cleaning issue? A sensor issue? A problem with my technique (of underexposing and then bumping up)? What are the best practices in cleaning port lenses? One thought is that the problem came from using a 60mm lens in a macro port that was meant to work for a 60mm or a 105mm, so the face of the macro port was a fair distance from the end of the 60mm lens. Thanks for any advice! PS 3 examples attached. I know that taking a picture of a black frogfish is nearly impossible anyway... this one just illustrates the problem nicely. The barracuda may just have been too far away (and not sure the flash fired). Again, it just illustrates the problem.
  13. Hi, all. Thank you for your interest (and for the private interest too). For now, I will lower the price to $520 via PayPal including shipping to the 48 US states at this time and see what happens. (If outside of that I will charge my actual shipping cost however you would like it shipped.) By the way, this lens really is like new and really is less than 2 months old... and still comes with the 3-year warranty papers. Happy holidays one and all. Rob
  14. 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 AT-X 107 DX Fisheye lens for Nikon digital SLR Like new in box, with warranty papers. I purchased this in October, used it a few days, and decided wide-angle is not for me and my wimpy strobes. It comes with the original warranty papers not filled out (3-year warranty). $535 incl. shipping (insured) in the 48 states (ground).
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