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  1. Hello, everyone. We've posted an article on the front page that can be used as a place to leave messages (along with discussion here). Please share with the community! http://wetpixel.com/articles/in-memoriam-bob-cranston-underwater-cameraman
  2. It seems that JimSwims can identify just about everything! So here's a tiny snapping shrimp or something on a cushion star in Komodo. Any idea what it is?
  3. Interesting! Thanks, everyone. I think I'm going to go with V. louti. This is like a black art.
  4. Hi! It's me again. Anyone know what this predatory shell is? It was tiny.
  5. It also could color morph into a version with 5 white blotches on top, with a white line on its head...
  6. This doesn't quite look like a red coral grouper nor a tomato grouper. The spots were bright violet, and not red. Any ideas?
  7. I saw these everywhere in the sand in Komodo during the latest trip. Any ideas what kind of critter creates them?
  8. Jerry, that is a reasonable guess!
  9. Nudi ID, please! I've been poring through books, and can't find one like this. I'm sure it's in there, though. Thank you!
  10. Can't find this guy in the books. Looks like a squarespot gone wrong. Any ideas? (Horseshoe Bay, Komodo)
  11. I think I could go with a Scyllaea fulva, or at least a Scyllaea sp.! Thank you...
  12. Hey, guys. What kind of puffer is this? It looks like a cross between a guineafowl puffer, map puffer, and star puffer. I don't see any in the books with radial stripes in its eyes, and camo / spots on the rest of its body. Cannibal Rock, Horseshoe Bay, Komodo
  13. Hello, everyone. I'm looking for an ID for this slug, which looks like an Elysia or something similar. Found at Torpedo Alley in Horseshoe Bay, Komodo.
  14. Hi, everyone. The quad is a DJI Phantom 2, and I've modified it to carry a Ricoh GR camera, which is a 16-megapixel APS-C camera with no anti-aliasing filter. It weighs less than 250g including its fixed 28-mm-equiv lens, which is incredibly light. You can see more pictures from the kit over at my other site, Skypixel.org. All of the posts tagged Ricoh GR, including tech posts about the modification, are here: http://skypixel.org/tagged/ricoh-gr
  15. Hi, everyone! We have just motored into mobile data range near Labuanbajo. The trip was fantastic, although when we arrived in Horseshoe Bay, it looked like it often does in the dry season: green and murky. By the end of the trip, the water had cleared up, so trip 2 should have fantastic conditions by the time they get here. Still, the diving has been great, as has the boat and company. Also, I've been flying the quad around, and the new perspective is fantastic. We spent a long time playing with bobbit worms at Torpedo Alley This is Cannibal Rock, from the air. Horseshoe Bay. Gorgeous!
  16. During this trip, I'm shooting a BMD Pocket Cinema Camera for the first time, underwater. The Nauticam USA housing for it is fantastic, and the Panasonic 8mm fisheye lens is pleasing with the slight crop factor. Best of all, I'm shooting CinemaDNG (raw) with a Magic Filter. The colors in today's manta shoot, which was in murky water, looks pretty good after light processing in Lightroom! I don't think I have enough hard disks, though. CinemaDNG is around 3.6 GB per minute, and I'm shooting about 30 GBs worth of frames per dive.
  17. Hello, everyone! We are having a great time on our 2nd day of diving aboard the Seven Seas here in Komodo. Yesterday's dives at Wainilu were great, for critters. And today? Mantas!
  18. Hey, guys. Have any of you found an alternative for the INON S-2000 ACC settings magnet? I seem to have lost one. Do I just walk in somewhere and look for a random magnet that size that I can shove in there?
  19. FS: DUI Thinsulate 200 drysuit insulation and booties, size M $50 + shipping Old, but only lightly used.
  20. Anyone interested in a BS Kinetics DuoDive 3D housing with wing? Housing with LCD back, integrated electronics to measure sync between two Sony camcorders, wing, and handles. $150 + shipping. Description here: http://echeng.com/journal/2010/07/21/underwater-3d-stereoscopic-video-housing-unboxing-setup/ Pictures here: http://photos.echeng.com/3D/Bs-kinetics-3d
  21. Hello, everyone. Apologies: Wetpixel was down for much of the day. Our host had a server issue, which took the site down, corrupting one of the tables in our database. It took some time to repair the database, but we appear to be back up and running. Please let us know if you see anything strange...
  22. Does anyone know where I can get the special D-ring for a ScubaPro cam band? It is a bit more complex than just a normal D-ring. The place I purchased the cam band has full assemblies, but no parts.
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