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  1. I have a 4 pin Sea & Sea to Ikelite cord. If you are still looking email me. Gerb
  2. I usually just call it "rocking", I guess I should have said " the method John Bantin described". Gerb
  3. Udo, I'm only speculating here, but I'd say the large barrel diameter of the 105VR will eliminate the possibility of focus gears for this lens. I'd plan on using John Bantin's method for manual focus. Gerb
  4. I agree and really like the versatility offered by the zoom range and the VR, The barrel distortion ws about what I might have expected to see on the longer vertical line, just surprised to find it that evident on the shorter horizontal side. Regarding the sun flare, my bad, didn't have the shade on. I did get a few other shots without the flare but they weren't showing the horizon as this one did.
  5. I was surprised by the amount of barrel distortion on the wide end. This was shot at f11, 1/125 zoomed out to 18mm. I've PS'd in the red level line where the horizon should be.
  6. Congratulations Karl & Kimberley, Well desreved. Gerb
  7. Dec 2001, I was shooting a CP995 and found Wetpixel thru a discussion on Rodales board. Gerb
  8. Thanks Karl, I enjoyed those a lot.
  9. Gadi, you've got some wonderful stuff there, can tell you had a great trip. Looks like a lot of your whaleshark encounters were fairly shallow. We were there about the same time last year and found them consistenly in the 50 to 80' range. Water temp maybe? I had the same experience and forgot to swith focus ring for macro dive. It is unforgettable diving, thanks for the opportunity to relive it through your photos.
  10. Yea, one Giant attaboy, Rand. Great looking grouper
  11. Using the numbers they show it would compare to about a 60X Lexar. Recently found an 80X Lexar 2GB for 199.00 on Amazon. Got it just before the $ 40.00 rebate ended Sept 30, I've had excellent results with the Lexar cards so I'm sticking with them. At $ 159.00 I wish I'd bought two.
  12. Congratulations Mike, from the photos I've seen it appears the D70 housing has eliminated the minor faults of the D100 housing. They've added a window over the mode dial and adjusted the top LCD viewer. Sweet looking housing. Find an indoor pool and give us your first impression. Gerb
  13. I was on Little Cayman until they evacuated us on Thursday. Giles, stay safe and I hope the damages is minimal, right now it doesn't look good. Jamaica was spared a direct hit and still suffered considerable damage.
  14. Hi Oliver I have an Aquatica housing for the CP5000 I'd be willing to sell if you are still interested. Mike
  15. Is there a chance of landing on the camera if not done properly? I don't think I've ever came close, but couldn't say it's impossible. Maybe a little better explanation might help. Standing at the swim step I lower the camera with the leash using my left hand. Strobe arms are clipped so there are no danglies. As the camera touches the water I extend left arm straight out to my side and take a step into the water approx 2 to 3 feet away from the camera. Rig is fairly negative so it is sinking ahead of me until I retrieve it. It's really pretty easy. Gerb
  16. One major advantage of this entry is you are hitting the water with an empty BC, there is no struggle to return to the boat for your camera. Cuts down congestion on the dive deck too, in the time it would have taken to return for your camera you are already half way to the bottom. Gerb
  17. As a newbie to CS (recieved program yesterday) the timeing couldn't have been better. It's a great walktrhu for the Raw converter/ Thanks Gerb
  18. LOL, WTG Karl and Congratulations to Kimberly on her new camera. Does this mean you'll be selling both the Coolpix and Olympus or are you going to be a double backup family? Gerb
  19. I bought the Nikon 12-24 DX lens the first of the year based on the outstanding feedback it was recieving from the underwater photograghers who had tried it. It was disappointingly Not the amazing lens I had been expecting. It was soft and fuzzy. (OK for teddy bears but not lenses). I returned it to Nikon's service center and promptly recieved a service order for "major" warranty repairs. The package arrived just today, not with a repaired lens, but a brand new replacement. Put it on the camera and took a few test shots, I finally understand why everyone is so happy with this lens. Thank You Nikon, Now I just need to get it back in the water Mike Gerber
  20. Those are fantastic. Let's see, a 1:1 reproduction ratio (35mm eq).....................Man, you need a sensor the size of a billboard
  21. Karl, as you said there is the obvious plastic vs. aluminum with the corresponding weight and durability factors. The S&S D70 appears to be a bit smaller than the D100 so it won't be as bulky to swim through the water. It also has the tendency to be front bouyant with the dome port attached. Both have equally easy access to the CF cards, the S&S was a little easier to change batteries. The Aquatica has a much better view finder and more ergonomic controls. My only gripe with the Aquatica is glare in the LCD window makes it useless unless its completely dark. I also wish it had a view window over the mode dial. Both have quality port systems but S&S price their's about twice what Aquatica's are. Given the MSRP of each, Aquatica wins hands down. The S&S needs to sell for about half retail price before I'd consider it. How soon is your D70 going to be in. Mike
  22. Same knob as on the D100 housing, I never considerred it because the aperture control is much easier through the camera body. It may be there for non CPU compatable lenses. Sea & Sea does list aperture gears for a couple of Sigma macro lenses. Gerb
  23. We had 14 divers on the Galapagos Aggressor in Aug. Eleven shooting stills, no video except the DM's trip video. 2 DSLR's, 2 film SLRs, 2 w/Nikonos and 5 P&S digicams. What I've noticed on a Caribbean 6 pack is usually one or two other divers may have a digicam and on rare occasions a video rig.
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