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  1. I sold my 50D housing when the body died 3 years ago and well...haven't realistically been diving in years now...not looking any better either in the near future till the kiddos grow up. Time to invest in other hobbies at this point. I have the following for sale: Lighting: 2x DS-160 Strobes 2x Batteries 1x Smart Charger Dual Ikelite Synch Cord Single Ikelite Synch Cord For free with purchase: 2x Ikelite arms from my old DS-50's that really need to be replaced, but I think may be workable for the time being with some negative buoyancy 2x heads for Ultralight Arms or so I was told they were Ports: 8" Dome Port IK 75340 - Has a scratch, doesn't affect image quality at all. Extension IK 75028 Flat Port IK 5510.16 Port Extension 1.75" with Manual Focus Control IK 5510.75 (never wet) AO Cooler bag to carry setup Pictures available here... https://photos.app.goo.gl/z1h3DRdDii1j3w6t9 Would like $1600 net to me.
  2. Do the DS-160's include batteries/chargers? How much for both?
  3. I'm selling a my housing and body for $1250, this auction does not include any ports as I plan on using them when I upgrade to a fullframe 6D. Included are an Ikelite #6870.40 which has had its electronics upgraded for use with the 50D and was serviced about a year ago and only has seen the water once. Canon 50D Camera body, strap, charger, and 3 batteries I see although I think I may dig out a few more by the time we're all said and done.
  4. I recenly got an Ikelite 5D housing and two DS-50's...one of them is too old to use with ttl or even pay for the conversion so it'll probably go at some point but all I have for now... I just got it(was an idiot and didn't look at the serial) and am playing around a little bit. Testing things with my 20D in the housing for the moment, hopefully have a 5D body within the next month or so when they start to drop in price. I set the circuit on the housing to manual mode as well as the strobes...no matter what power setting I tell it though pictures look like they're lit about the same. Would think they'd come out lighter or darker depending on how I set the power? Also I'm getting some random fireings. Older strobe is on the 'red' cable, newer ttl strobe is on the unbanded cable. Blue is connected to the housing. Also as an alternate option, am I better off using a single strobe cord on the newer strobe with ttl turned on and a slave sensor on the second strobe? Thanks Matt
  5. If you still have it I was interested in the underwater parts... I have a 10-22mm lenses and the camera. Can I buy another port extender or something to use the macro port with my 100mm canon macro?
  6. I have an ikelite 5D housing with a port for a 17-40mmlens practically brand new. email me at matt@wild-pix.com
  7. Have a D100 housing I'm trying to sell to raise money for well... I guess maybe this one. How much is the conversion to a d300?
  8. I'm interested maybe...how much is this in US Dollars?
  9. I need to talk to my wife about what she wants to do with it, but she has an ikelite d100 housing...It just came back from Ikelite and has been overhauled. She's swiched to a d300, so looking to get a housing for that. $750 sounds reasonable, we have a nikon 18-35mm lens and port that we can tack on for a bit more as well. If interested PM me.
  10. Is any of this still available? Will the port fit a 10-22mm? Else I'm interested in the housing/camera.
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