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  1. Just came from Burma liveaboard. We had a terrific trip with Mermai I. Here is one strip from the trip. Sorry about the quality. Aksu
  2. I have been both of the places. In the end of January/start of February I prefer Phuket. The Similans are on its best that time, take a liveaboard Mermaid II or Queen Scuba. If you prefer land based diving take Phi Phi or Raya Yai, the divesites usually are very close. In Phi Phi divecenter Barracura Diving, Racha Yai Divecenter Ray Divers. There is lot of accommodation on that time, so there is always room available. I usually take room couple of days before from latestays.com. Aksu
  3. Thank you for quick answer. I propably try it tomorrow with extension ring (SX). Aksu
  4. Hello! I have a new set up (D300s + MDX300s + Tokina 10-17 FE + Sea and Sea FE dome port) and was wondering if you need an extension ring for set up. Thanks! Aksu
  5. Yes I remember. Have you already get fixed the housing problem? And where did you order that wet diopter? Was it +5? Aksu
  6. First time muck diving and really loved it. The resort was Scuba Seraya and divesites mainly from the beach. Hope to enjoy. Comments are welcome. Rest of the set in Flickr. Aksu
  7. Nice pictures Daniel. I think we saw at the Scuba Seraya couple of weeks ago?!? Actually I just finished my pictures and posted them also here. There is couple of same critters in the pictures. Aksu
  8. Stuck in Helsinki, should have had a flight to Bangkok and Bali on monday. Next try on saturday. Hope to get on bali before tuesday for daparture to Wakatobi. Aksu
  9. Thanks for the comments. Jazzyjezzy: The pipefish was with Scuba Queen, divemaster Heikki who also found that couple of months ago. Adam: thank you for the critisism. I had hard time getting the decent light and I found out the problem last day when I shot wideangles, my other strobe was not syncronized ( right one), so all the pictures are with left strobe. Should have taken laptop to figure out that earlier Karel: My set up is Nikon D3, sea and sea housing, two Inon 240 strobes, Nikon 105/2.8, Nikon 60/2.8, Sigma 15/2.8 FE Hope to get back to water, if the vulcanic activity lets my fly back to Asia.... Aksu
  10. These are my first pictures to this forum. Started Diving two years ago and now cannot imagine diving without camera. I was two weeks in Thailand; Phi Phi, Hin Daeng/Muang, Koh Haa, Similans and Richelieu Rock. Most of the pictures are macro, training for the next trip. Hope to get some comments. And how improve? The whole set can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/amnesia71/set...57623755394058/ Here is couple. Aksu
  11. Thank you Ryan for the answer. I try to find it close to me for testing.
  12. I am also travelling to Bali late april. Anyone being in Nusa Benida that time? Conditions in Manta point? Aksu
  13. Housing still for sale. 2400 €, +postal cost from Finland Aksu
  14. Has anyone tried Nauticam 180 Viewfinder with full frame camera? I am interested in buying one for my Sea and Sea housing for Nikon D3, but want to be sure how its working. Aksu
  15. For sale as a package: Sea & Sea MDX-D3 housing for Nikon D3/D3X - good condition, 60 dives - spare O-rings Sea & Sea Fisheye NX port - good condition 30 dives - spare o-rings Price for Package 2700€ + postal cost. Goods in Finland. Aksu
  16. Sorry this took so long to answer. Normal dive to about 30m. I noticed that other strobe´s focusing light was on all the time and was not able to turn it of. Same time only other strobe worked (that I noticed on surface when I looked the pictures) when did wide-angle photos. On safetystop I noticed bubbles coming from the strobe, on the battery box but other side of o-rings. On surface noticed that the strobe was flooded big time and it was useless. There was nothing wrong with the o-rings and the cap was screwed tightly. So the reason for floating remained as mystery. Perhaps something broke up inside. After that I also remembered that one dive before there was moist inside the battery box, but found nothing special that time. Anyone knows a shop where you can buy Inon z240 from Hong Kong, while my friend is there at the moment? Aki
  17. I flooded one of my Inon strobe, so I am looking for one(or two) Inon z240 (type 3 or 4).
  18. My friend travelled to Phuket and is taking 10 day liveaboard to Similan Islands and Burma. He left his strobe charger home, and now is without strobes for the trip. Does anyone know where to find charger or whole set of Ikelite DS125. My friend is willing to rent or buy one. The liveaboard starts on 20th november. Thank you in advance. Aki
  19. What port/dome and extensionrings are you using? I was told that 14-24 is too big for NX fisheye domeport. -A-
  20. I was planning to change my 17-35 to 14-24, but I found out that 14-24 did not fit to my port (sea and sea for D3). So that might be one reason not people using that yet. -A-
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