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  1. I realize you are about to travel...but if by chance you aren't gone and see this, please reply. I would be interested in the entire package for 1100 if it could be shipped soon enough to make it to me by coming weekend...I leave for trip Saturday. US East Coast.
  2. I don't have that housing but have used that lens in my subal and like it very much. I too didn't have/couldn't find a focus ring, which is what I think you are asking about. However, I did have an old zoom gear lying around from a 12-24 lens that I never used much. I just layered some plain old elastic bands around the sigma lens, slipped the focus ring on to the right position, and it has worked like a champ. No expense involved.
  3. On my past couple of trips to/from Nadi, after trying in vain to pay up ahead of time for added weight, I ended up carrying the camera stuff aboard on a wing and a prayer. I just told them outright that I was carrying photography gear, and each time 'have gotten a wave onward with that declaration. Folks in front and behind me with overweight bags did not get that pass. Can't say for certain if this was dumb luck, or whether they do give a pass for folks with photo gear. But so far, knock wood.
  4. No one has mentioned the Diminiyat Islands which are quite nice diving in my opinion. My most recent of a few visits there was circa three years ago. Get to them with a dive op located just an hour or so north of Muscat, colocated with a reasonably nice resort (At the time, was called Al Sawadi). Then a pleasant (shaded) hour or so boat ride. I found the reefs around these protected reserve areas quite healthy, lively, fishy and colorful. Some of the critters, from trumpetfish to eels to angelfish to rays, seemed large as if on steriods. Suitable for wide angle and/or macro. Oh a few sharks as well. Not sure I would fly all the way there just for the diving, however, I was there for business... and would say the diving was very well worth adding a few days onto the itinerary for. (Did not do any diving out of Muscat for a basis of comparison.) Oman has a dive op also at the tip of the Musandum Peninsula, in Khassab, but I didn't have time to try it out. Oman has a very distinct history and culture also worth exploring, the high desert mountains there are beautiful.
  5. If you haven't already read it, Neil Shubin's "Your Inner Fish," "Relics of Eden" or anything you haven't already read by David Quammen. Glo
  6. George, can't figure out how to contact you at scorpio illusions so am trying this. Is your ittl adapter still available? 'am upgrading my beloved S2 subal rig to accommodate D300 in another subal. With the fuji got TTL just like that -now have to figure it out. My strobes being ikelite DS-125s I am trying to learn if your ike ITTL adapter is what I'd want for semblance of TTL with new set up.If its available, what kind of shape, if its what I need would you consider taking $150 - Glo
  7. I am coming to both & would carry it gladly, alas its not 'till end Sep....when do you need it?
  8. Thanks, I don't post often, thought that info would appear automatically....anyway, its a Fuji S2 (getting old but still good), with 12-24 lens, subal housing and single DS 125.
  9. I am just learning wide angle, this one is from Raja ampat last month. Would welcome comments/critique One more from Raja ampat, "Fish Rain?"
  10. If you are game for shore diving and want easy Red Sea conditions, I loved my experience a couple of months ago at Nuweiba. I dove with Sarah and Daniel of African Divers, a new outfit there. We had the reefs completely to ourselves & were truly catered to. Given the season, we had few palegics (a couple of rays), but -- many spots with gorgoeus soft corals, glassfish schools and anthias against rich blue water; squids, octopus, spanish dancer, the usual other suspects like puffers, pipefish, stonefish etc etc plenty of macro subjects; beautiful healthy hard coral gardens at Ras Mumlach camp. Latter was a fabulous experience. I had the chance to really start learning wide angle, and by my choice visited some of the sites several times. Only two other divers showed up while we were there. LIkely more activitiy in the in season, but still, far more personal and peaceful an experience than Sharm. Total costs about $1000 for 8 days (dives, 2-days bedouiin camp, accommodations, great meals.)[attachme nt=6480:attachment]
  11. I received one of my DS-125's back from repair with a rattle like you describe. Suspect it had taken some rough handling during shipping. I was loathe to open that end of the assembly; I sent it back; Ikelite advised me it would not affect the light's function -- nonetheless they repaired it and returned it to me without charge. My guess is they would do the same in your case.
  12. Alex I just got something in the mail maybe a week ago, for my third-place BTS win...it seems they're getting to it slowly but surely glo
  13. Tj & Dean Just as you say, it was such a one-two punch, elation at an approaching eagle ray, then a punch in the gut at seeing that hook. The consequences to innocent animals that our human activities are having. Indeed it wasn't so much about beauty or technical skill as much as that story. Thanks for expressing better than I why I submitted the pic, and perhaps as well the reason it got recognized.
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