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  1. diverdon Thanks for the response. Not sure what you are telling me. Should I stay with Subal or move to the larger Zen? mrrgy
  2. Purchasing a new Subal housing for my Nikon D700 with Nikor 17-35 wide angle lens. Reef Photo has a new Zen brand wide angle dome port that they have produced for the Subal housing for use instead of the DP FE4 dome port. The Zen port supposed to be made of better glass with a better coating for sharper corners. The port is 1 1/2 inch bigger in diameter, weighs a little more than a pound than the Subal FE4. Has anyone used one of the Zen dome ports of know any good or bad about them? Would like to hear from someone. mrrgy
  3. Hello, I have a Nexus D2x housing, w/ Macro 60 Port, 170mm Dome port, 40mm Port Extension, zoom Gear 17-35 Nikkor Zoom, grip extensions spare orings for all. All in like new condition and have never had problem. Would sell all for $2100.00 US plus cost of shipping. Going to different camera. Also have D2x Body only to sell. EMAIL Address mrrgy@earthlink.net mrrgy
  4. I will give it a try. I am also going to look for a training program for A2.1. Do you know of any? Thanks for your help.
  5. I am new to Aperture and have been through many of the tutorials but cannot find a way to eliminate backscatter without having the background turn out splotchy. After removing with the brush I would like to even the background color out. I am working with RAW images. Any suggestions ? Will I need to change to Photoshop? Also does anyone have a working order for adjusting images that works for them? Where do you start and where do you finish with the image?
  6. mrrgy

    FS Nexus D2x

    FS changing cameras. All listed items are in New condition with spare O rings. As per 1-10 rating system with 10 being new this equipment would rate 9.5. Nexus D2x housing with grip extensions new- $3,760.00. 170mm Dome Port w/Lens Shade and cover new- $604.00. 40mm Port Extension new- $136.00. Zoom Gear for 17-35 Nikkor Zoom new- $60.00. Macro 60 Port w/cap new- $381.00. Total New $4,941. Will sell all for $2600.00. Call 321-591-2225 or 321-777-8017 after 5:00pm ET
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