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    • Sony RX100 Mk2 - perfect working condition just with some minor scuffs on the body which are only cosmetic
    • Aquapazza APSO-RX1002 housing rated to 75M
    • Howshot Adjustable Dual Grip and Tray Set


    New Asking price: €900 or best offer

    Buyer pays shipping and paypal charges. Items located in Cork, Ireland.

  1. Selling my camera set up due to upgrade. Package is in great condition and is ready to dive. I can provide additional photos on request. Package includes:
    Sony RX100 Mk2 - perfect working condition just with some minor scuffs on the body which are only cosmetic
    Aquapazza APSO-RX1002 housing rated to 75M
    Inon UWL-H100 wide angle wet lens with additional Dome lens unit
    2x INON UCL-165M67 macro wet lenses
    Howshot Adjustable Dual Grip and Tray Set


    Asking price: €1300

    Buyer pays shipping and paypal charges. Items located in Cork, Ireland.

    I've added some sample photos to show what the camera is capable of. any questions feel free to contact me







  2. Hi Hammer88,


    Wow i've just looked up the housing options for the Sony nex 5n and ya they are very pricey. They will set you back the same as a full dSLR setup. The Sony is a great camera but it would be far cheaper for you to opt for the canon S95 and housing.


    I use the s90 (its predecessor) with the ikelite housing. If i could give you one small bit of advice it would be to spend your money on a suitable wide angle wet lens before purchasing a strobe. The wide angle lens will allow you to cut down the amount of water between you and your subject whilst keeping the full scene in shot. The closer you are to your subject the more vivid the colors are and your shots will have better definition.


    A quick check on the classifieds section should find you a nice s95 setup. You could pick up a suitable wet lens and strobe for far less than the cost of the nex 5n housing.


    Have fun shopping around :lol:

  3. From memory i believe it can get quite deep in parts (around 30-40M) but most of the life is located along one wall near where the lake meets the open sea all of which is less than 10M. Last time i dived there was about 8 years ago so memory is a bit foggy. Nigel might be able to fill you in with more details


    Here is the location if your interested


    Clifden salt lake

  4. Try judge where you think the school may move next and try to position yourself in their path. Then using a wide angle or fisheye lens snap away to your hearts content. I usually judge the movements of other divers in the group and see what way they will scare the fish and then i try and sneak into their path without scaring them back the way the came. In this way you can get some very pleasing face on shots of the school.


    But ultimately getting close is the key

  5. The ys-15 auto strobe can be doubled up if you wish but because of its lack of settings you may find it difficult to control the exposure of you shots. The ys-15 is now discontinued and has been replaced with the ys-17 TTL strobe. The major upgrade being the TTL setting meaning that you can more easily control the exposure of your pics.


    You might still be able to find a second hand ys-15 but if you ask me you are better off upgrading to the ys-17 or better.


    Hope this helps,



  6. I can't really say what the best places in the world are but i can definitely give you my personal top 5 for big stuff (in no particular order)


    sharks, mantas, whale sharks and dolphins in Palau your one stop shop for everything

    The manta night dive in Kona Hawaii a truly amazing experience

    Grey reefs, silvertips and Lemon sharks in Tuomotus, French Polynesia so many of them they carpet the reefs

    Mantas (tons of them) & Loggerhead turtles in Heron Island, Great Barrier reef absolutely brilliant especially on night dives

    Grey Seals tugging on your fins, all over Ireland

  7. Where can you find a D100 housing for way less than $1,000? My husband is interested in a temporary solution until he can upgrade his camera - and doesn't want to spend too much on a housing until he does...


    I recently bought an Aquatica D100 housing with dome port and D100 housing for $1100. I bought it here off the classified forum. If you would settle for an Ikelite housing you can get a similar set up for "way less". With patience and a bit of luck i'm sure a similar set up will come up for sale soon.

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