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  1. Try judge where you think the school may move next and try to position yourself in their path. Then using a wide angle or fisheye lens snap away to your hearts content. I usually judge the movements of other divers in the group and see what way they will scare the fish and then i try and sneak into their path without scaring them back the way the came. In this way you can get some very pleasing face on shots of the school. But ultimately getting close is the key
  2. The ys-15 auto strobe can be doubled up if you wish but because of its lack of settings you may find it difficult to control the exposure of you shots. The ys-15 is now discontinued and has been replaced with the ys-17 TTL strobe. The major upgrade being the TTL setting meaning that you can more easily control the exposure of your pics. You might still be able to find a second hand ys-15 but if you ask me you are better off upgrading to the ys-17 or better. Hope this helps, Mike
  3. I can't really say what the best places in the world are but i can definitely give you my personal top 5 for big stuff (in no particular order) sharks, mantas, whale sharks and dolphins in Palau your one stop shop for everything The manta night dive in Kona Hawaii a truly amazing experience Grey reefs, silvertips and Lemon sharks in Tuomotus, French Polynesia so many of them they carpet the reefs Mantas (tons of them) & Loggerhead turtles in Heron Island, Great Barrier reef absolutely brilliant especially on night dives Grey Seals tugging on your fins, all over Ireland
  4. Great video Piotr, really like the soundtrack and your graphics. Well done. Mike
  5. I recently bought an Aquatica D100 housing with dome port and D100 housing for $1100. I bought it here off the classified forum. If you would settle for an Ikelite housing you can get a similar set up for "way less". With patience and a bit of luck i'm sure a similar set up will come up for sale soon.
  6. I've worked with Pc's for years for photo and video editing and rendering etc. I've recently been working with a Macbook pro and i will never go back. It is near impossible to crash the new macbook pro and for this reason alone it stands head and shoulders above the most comparible Pc. The new screen is fantastic also.
  7. I suppose if the majority of your customers are transient day trippers or Holiday makers then prints wont sell as well as burnt CDs. The majority of my customers are Irish residents that love to take home something for the mantlepiece. I used to make videos for guests on a live-aboard in Tahiti and it was always made perfectly clear before any diving began that my job was to take video of the guests which could be purchased at the end of the week. There was never any guests trying to get free copies. It really just needs to be stressed in your briefings that the pics are for sale after the dive and not for free.
  8. Abstract art photography works best on 2D flat objects. I do like your image for its bright colors and strong shapes but for it to really jump out as an abstract image try shooting a subject which doesn't have as much 3D relief and shaded areas. For instance instead of shooting an area of the clam's incurrent valves try shooting around the flatter regions of the mantle. These will produce a more abstract image. As it is your picture makes quite an interesting macro shot but just lacks a little bit of abstractness (if thats even a real word ha ha) There's a very good article in ephotozine that might give you some insights. Its about abstract landscapes but it might help you with abstract underwater. http://www.ephotozine.com/article/Abstract-landscapes Hope this helps, Mike
  9. Great photos, Is there much life in those canyons/cracks? Fantastic visibility. I would find it very hard to resist posing holding up the rocks that have jammed across the crevices.
  10. I had almost the identical problem. I too run a busy dive shop and regularly got asked to give up my images. I solved this problem recently by making a small gallery of my images in the shop and classroom. This had 2 affects. Firstly people saw my photos as more than just snap shots and from seeing them properly framed and hung on the wall, now consider them art pieces. Suddenly all my guests stopped asking me for images. Instead they started asking me for prints which has become quite a good side business and has funded quite a lot of my photography. Secondly it has brightened up the dive shop, our bookings for UW photography are up and more people are joining our dive trips with a view to capturing their own snaps. I will admit that the initial cost of printing and framing was pricey but now that i've started selling these prints it is pretty self sufficient and i no longer get hassle from guests about sending them copies. The odd thing is once i hung my photos on the wall i never once said anything to any of my guests they just assumed that i was a professional photographer (which i'm far from by the way) and they ceased asking. I'm not sure if this would be something you would be willing to try but it worked out great for me and by a look at some of your shots you could do very well from selling prints. Mike
  11. I love the near perfect symmetry of the second last image. Very striking! Great pics well done.
  12. Thanks guys for the replies. i've had a look through the compatible lenses already but i'd love to hear which lens you use with the port and what the results are like. looking forward to hearing from you, Mike
  13. I've recently purchased an Aquatica housing for a Nikon D100. There was also an 8" dome port included in the deal. I would be very interested to hear from anybody out there with a similar setup. Perhaps you could let me know which wide angle lens you use with the port and how well it works. I look forward to any replies, Many thanks Mike
  14. Hi Guys, I too am an Irish bubble blower with a serious addiction to Underwater photography. For a few years i've been shooting with an Olympus SP350 with the PT-030 housing. I got great use out of it in various locations around the world. But recently i've upgraded to a Digital SLR set. I'm recently after purchasing a Nikon D100 with Aquatica housing. I'm really looking forward to getting in the water with it. If you're interested in checking out any of my pics (all from the SP350) click here. By the way im from Oceanlife Dive centre in Kilkee. I'm not sure if you've ever dived in Kilkee but you're very welcome to come by anytime for a bit of a photo session. I'm actually hoping to set up a bit of an underwater photo club for next season with some photo competitions. I'll make sure to keep you informed on wetpixel if you're interested. Happy Diving, Mike
  15. Hi Guys, Just wanted to say howdi from the west coast of Ireland. I'm a dive shop manager with a serious addiction to photography. i only recently became aware of this forum and i'm loving it. I may have even sourced my next purchase from the classifieds section. This forum is dangerous i could spend hours on the photo critiquing page, i'll never get any work done in the shop ha ha. Anyway i just wanted to say hi and also raise a pint of guinness to Wetpixel and say slainte (cheers or good health in Irish) Scubaspud25 aka Mike
  16. I agree with the previous comments. The only other advice i can offer is to try using various items for your manual white balance. Using your hand works in a pinch but it is not ideal. Try bringing a white slate with you. This will give you a a more realistic colour shift and bring out more colour in your wide angle shots. I regularly use a white slate with once side lightly shaded with grey (try using light HB pencil). This grey side gives an even more exaggerated colour shift and also has the added affect of fooling your camera into making the image brighter than it actually is. It is always easier to reduce colour and brightness in photoshop afterwards than it is to increase it.
  17. I agree. a greatter contrast would make the photo more stricking. Also i think if you turn off the strobe and try a silhouette of the turtle it can give a very strong image. Also with a darker foreground the camera is able to pick up more sun-ray details in the water. But overall i think it is a very nice shot. Well done.
  18. I'm interested in buying this package. Are you including any ports with the housing? How long have you had the camera? Approx how many dives have you done with the gear? Perhaps you could email me with more details about the package mike@diveireland.com
  19. I am looking for a Housing for my Nikon D80. Will consider all offers. Housing needs to be in good working order. Ideally i'm looking for offers that include ports.
  20. Is this package still available. If so could you email me with more details of the package and pics.
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