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    Building Quality Video Housings for Underwater and All Terrain leisure, sports, commercial and cinematic endeavors.<br /><br />I love speaking with and getting to know our clients, seeing where our housings end up and viewing the incredible footage our creative clients capture!<br /><br />A great part of this job is that we get to go where our housings go and that is quite and adventure with great folks.

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    United States
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    Canon HV30
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    Equinox HD6
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    Equinox Aqualight
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    ULCS arms
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    Underwater Video Housings

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  1. Hi

    Has anyone got a new website for Equinox?



  2. Just wanted to clarify. The Equinox HD8X housing weighs 32lbs. So about 14.5kg.
  3. I just wanted to say how great it was to see everyone at DEMA this year. I thank all of our customers for stopping by the Equinox booth and saying hi and for sharing their adventures with us. It is always great to see our industry friends as well and we left with a very positive feeling about the direction the industry is moving in. We hope to see everyone again next year in Las Vegas. Take Care and Happy Diving!
  4. Hello All, DEMA is upon us and we look forward to another big turnout and things have begun to bounce back this year. We invite you to stop by our booth (255) and check out our new products for 2012. We will have our RECON splash housing (30' depth rating) on display for use with any standard consumer hand held, as well as our complete line of housings and products. We look forward to seeing our industry friends and to making some new ones. See you in Orlando!!!
  5. Hello All, Equinox will be at the ODEX Show in Brisbane, Australia starting tomorrow. We would love to see you there as we will have our line of housings and some new products that will be releasing shortly. We are at booth #67 and hope to see many of you there - should be a great time.
  6. We mount D-Rings on the bottom of the housing and they attach there. We would just need the internal body to do this for you and turnaround is same day. Let me know if we can help you out with this.
  7. Hello Pascal, I just wanted to clarify the difference in the two models HD8 and HD8X. Both housings come with On/Off, Start/Stop, Zoom, White Balance, Auto Focus and Iris. In addition to the standard controls the HD8X also comes with a 2.5" rear mounted LCD, Manual focus gear and EO bulkhead for topside viewing. I am hopeful that this post is of assistance to you. Take Care,
  8. Our HD6 Housings are 8-11lbs depending on which camcorder you are deciding to go with and the HD8 is 28-31Lbs. I just wanted to clarify on the weight question as there seems to be a little confusion. We can manufacture a housing for any camcorder however and I can answer any questions you may have.
  9. susaninvirginia has been contacted by one of our technical support staff and to date our technical support person has not heard from susan. We believe in working through any issues that customers have via email or phone and not in a forum setting, so this will be our last communication on this matter. To date we have sold 146 HD6 housing for this camcorder and this is the only issue we have heard regarding this set up. We have kept communication open and continue to assist the customer.
  10. Hello All, We will be exhibiting at this year's Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo in Ft. Lauderdale on June 5-6. Hope to see many of you there.
  11. Hi all, We will be attending the Scuba Show in Long Beach this weekend. Stop by and say hi. We look forward to speaking with you and showing off all our products. Booths 603,605.
  12. Equinox has released 2 new housings. The HD6 for the Sony XR 550 and HD6 for the Sony CX 550. We will be releasing the Canon HF S20, 21 housings shortly as well as the Panasonic TM 700. I will keep everyone posted.
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