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  1. Hi Al, What camera are you pairing this with? About how much does the package cost? I've seen similar set-ups but haven't talked with anyone that has used it. Audrey
  2. I've been shooting the OMD series starting w/ the EM5 - currently using the EM1 M2 in the Nauticam housing. The lens I use depends where if I'm traveling and what I will be shooting. If I'm shooting both macro and medium critters I will use the 12-50 with zoom port. If I'm shooting macro or super macro I will use the 60mm in the zoom port. If super macro I attach the Nauticam SMC. If I'm shooting wide - I like fisheye lens - so I use the Panasonic 8mm - I also bought this before the Olympus 8mm. If I don't want to use fisheye I will use the 12-40 with the larger Zen dome port. The 12-50 & 60 can use the same port - the Panasonic fisheye and Olympus fisheye can use the same Nauticam dome although the Olympus will need an extension. The 12-40 Zen dome also can support the 7-14 Pan lens and 1 or 2 others. I don't shoot enough wide to invest in one of the 7-14 lens. You may want to see if you could 'rent' the port/lens if you have access to shore diving - some shops will apply the 'rent' if you decide to buy the port/lens. Practice as much as you can - if I can't get out diving I will some times practice in my pool with some toys. Taking underwater workshops are a great way to get specific input too. Enjoy Audrey 60mm lens
  3. problem solved - on the flash menu I picked the 'lightning bolt' on the left and it should have been on the far right Thanks for your help
  4. Hi I am in Analio right now and I am using my Olympus EM1 M2 for the first time and can't get it to sync with my strobes. I am trying to shoot manual with the strobes. My camera setting are sync speed of 200, F16 and ISO of 100 and camera flash set to full. We have tried all the different Inon settings and none of them are working. Yes - we have tried with the magnet button in and out. I swapped an Inon strobe with a buddy and my strobe worked on their Cannon dslr and his strobe didn't work on my Olympus. I think it maybe a new setting on the Olympus? I had the Em1 before and didn't have any problems with Inon strobes. Fyi the strobes are firing but not sync'ing. I am using fiber optic sync cords... We have been trouble shooting this and have tried various flash related setting in the camera - we really don't know what to try next so if anyone has used this combo I would love to know what settings to use. Thanks for the help Audrey
  5. Is this for a dslr or micro 4/3s? Do you have the part number?
  6. Hi Jasdivr, You would probably get more interest in you gear if you listed it in the classifieds.
  7. I received my housing on Friday - very nice! It still seems nice and compact - I don't have my Em1 housing to compare it to but from the top of the cold shoe to the bottom of the housing is about 7 inches. A couple of improvements - there is a spot on the top left back corner that you can use for the vacuum- it angles slightly down so it will be a bit easier to vacuum once the focus light and strobes are attached. The front shutter lever is different than Em1 housing - should make it easier to use- especially if using the back lever to focus. The camera does fit into the housing with the standard flash that comes with the camera. There are a number of other improvements but as always Nauticam has done a great job with this housing. The price of the housing is only $50 more than previous model - which makes the housing less than the camera. Audrey
  8. Just got the notification that my Em1 M2 Nauticam housing shipped today! Can't wait to get it.
  9. I pre-ordered from Reef Photo - most places that sell housings would probably be accepting pre-orders
  10. I have pre-ordered the housing- I was told the first housings should be shipping before the end of the month. if you want this housing- I would suggest pre-ordering it - it will depend where you are on the pre-order list and how popular the housing is.
  11. Hi Mark, Would you be interested in selling just the tray with the arms? I wouldn't need the metal stabilizers. Thanks Audrey
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