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  1. Alex I just ordered the 9in optical glass dome from Nauticam for their D800 housing (April I'm told) with a view to using firstly my 14 -24mm then (once I recover from the cost of the dome!) the 16 -35mm as you recommend. What are your thoughts on this domes use with these lenses. George
  2. Yes I agree, I would like to hear what the medium format guys say about this since they don't use AA filters and the 36mp is in their territory now, admittedly not in the IQ180 league but treading on Mamiyas toes at 40mp even though the D800 pixel density is of course higher. What camera lens combination was shown in the lightroom beta 4 example? 12mp perhaps? I suppose we'll just have to wait for the likes of Ken Rockwells tests once he recieves his D800E now ordered Roll on April! PS I have now read the photo.net link and it was Canon 5D 12.8mp 24 -105mm zoom.
  3. Thanks for the link, I found it somewhat comforting, but having digested it, I think I may be off the mark a little with my dome theory George
  4. Right - well its on the shopping list then! thanks again. Are Subal making (or have made) a dome specially for it as they did for the 14 24mm George
  5. Alex I agree absolutely and intend to use it with my Nikon 14 -24mm which until now has been stuck on my D90 above water and not exactly what it was designed for! I went for the D800E for precisely the dome reason you site as I feel there are plenty of AA properties in it already (so to speak) and therefore the prospect of a single ray of white light hitting only one of the RGB groups is even less likely. It will still be fun to bolt the old Tokina 10-17 on to see what I get, like most everyone I love that lense and DXO takes the Chromatic Aberation out nicely. This will be my first FX camera as it were, before we used to called them 35mm! back in my Pentax MX days. Thanks for your insightful posts I always read them! George
  6. I must say I agree with the crop in post argument - why waste data, its amazing how your composition decisions can change in post sometimes. I will be trying my Tokina 10-17 on the D800E in full FX maybe I'll like the vignetting composition!
  7. Hi, I ordered the D800E yesterday as I don't think moire will be a problem with any striped fish I can think of at this resolution but I can think of plenty lenses that will be soft! The girl in the Kimono studio lite shot on Nikon site is of very fine regular weave material and the cobbled path shot had noticably better definition and depth, since nobody here seems to have first hand experience with the D800E it will be interesting to see the results underwater compared! I just hope the housings come out quickly from Nauticam! maybe if its a problem Nikon can put an AA filter in for me! Looking fwd to April anyway!
  8. Thanks for that, yes with my Ikelite housing I don´t believe signal loss will be too problematic with Wifi and I had see on Amazon review that you dont need a router once set up so it will be interesting to see. When I get one I will post results, meantime it would be nice to hear if someone has experienced problems or if it very slow (supposed to be class 6). Thanks for the link George
  9. Thanks Richard sorry for late reply but never saw the post! and no email notification of update Anyway I went ahead and got the Epoque housing and also had absolutely no problems with it after 20+ dives in Galapogos on the Aggressor II in January. The only small problem I had was condensation between my magic filter and housing glass as the air just doesnt circulate there due to tight fit and the little silica pill seems ineffective. I just used auto WB with it and adjusted to taste afterwards in Final cut express. Everyone seems to have thought colours were good. I have since bought Lock´n load image stab software and its so good I am going to re edit the shots using it, due as you rightly say to the difficulty of holding the small unit steady, I hate jiggly video! I have thought of mounting it on top of my Nikon D90 Ikelite rig but I think getting in oand out of water would need a lot of good help! Thanks and hope that helps George
  10. Hi, Does anyone have any experience first hand or otherwise of the Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB Wireless SDHC Memory Card. or the cheaper versions, I was thinking of getting one as it seems ideal for downloading between dives without the hassles of opening the housing. I have an Ikelite houseing for my Nikon D90 and often leave the 16gb Sandisk extremeIII in as I would rather not open the housing especially when camera battery is fine as it often is. Any good advice would be appreciated, it seems too good to be true! Thanks George
  11. I have used my D90 in an Ikelite housing with limited success on a few occasions mainly due to focus and exposure lack of control with live view. I find the Ikelite housing good and reliable. I was very disappointed with the results except for limited close up use of non moving subjects like corals which with the Tokina 10-17mm and dome port there was plenty DOF to cope with the focusing issue. I used the magic filter which was good in shallow water but now have the V8 ikelite video light which you obviously need below 12 -15m depth. I am now only using the D90 for stills and have just purchased an Epoque housing for my new Sanyo HD2000 ( now worrying about floods with this housing - see other posts) I think horses for courses springs to mind and I will maybe try again with SLR video in future when it comes of age, which at least IMHO it has not - at least in Nikon. Sorry have no knowledge of D300s. Hope this helps
  12. Hi, I also have the HD2000 and am very happy with quality and controls topside and am also considering the Epoque housing for use while diving as I am not happy with the Nikon D90 video results u/w ( exp. metering ,focus mainly ) and so concentrating on stills with that now anyway. So I have the same concerns about the watertight integrity as the others in this thread as I don´t want to buy the very nice but expensive Patima housing (too many fast changes with cameras for the investment!). Any good user experiences with Epoque also very welcome. Thanks
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