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  1. This is the product I use here in Cozumel....http://www.pcdigital.com.mx/limpiador-lubricante-silicon-silimex-silijet-eplus-p-9184.html In the USA , you should be able to easily get something at any electronic parts store ( radio shack?). It would be something like this stuff http://www.shopwechem.com/products/circuit-wash-aerosol__circuit-spc-wash.aspx its just an aerosol contact cleaner for pc boards .
  2. One thing that I have found that has been invaluable to saving my electronics is a can of aerosol pc board cleaner. I have saved flooded electronics several times with this stuff. The can I have has a die electric grease in it to prevent corrosion so a good spraying is all that is needed. Has worked great on fixing my flooded hand grips on amphibico phenom housing.
  3. No Strobes allowed with the whale sharks. I shoot them from June - Sept , ambient light only. 10 - 17 is great , get close and take lots of photos, the vis is usually great around isla mujares. Have fun.
  4. Housing has been sold.
  5. Housing is still available.
  6. Awesome idea! I was thinking that the grips on the left and right side are the same build, just different functions. That is definately a great idea if I need a quick fix! I already ordered my new grip and will send in my old one for repair. When I dissasembled it, I did find a tiny amount of water just where the power buttton is. Thanks all!
  7. For sale is an Aquatica 40D / 50 D housing. Ive owned it for about a year. It is in great condition, absolutely ready to dive! Some minor scratches to the finish. It does not come with ports. I had 2 Ikelite 125s attached to it. $1800
  8. All I can say when you travel by airline, dont just think about the luggage or carryon......think about what you can wear to take more gear with you that is attached to your body in the form of clothing. I always wear a vest with excess pockets ( outdoor stores have them) and wear cargo pants with big pockets. I actually was able to carry 2 Aquatica rigs this way with me as carry on. My Aquatica 40D housing was put in my 2 pant pockets!! I carried all my lenses ( 10 - 17 Tokina, 10-22 canon, 60 mm, 70 -200 mm 2.8, 28- 200) in my vest along with my batteries for my video housing as well as the cameras. My other housing , along with the 8"dome port, 2 camera bodies, 2 Ike 125s, ultralight arms, went into a dryzone 200 backpack. I also, had an Amphibico Phenom along with the Sony FX1 and dual 35 watt HID lights in a roller carry on! Even if none of my scuba gear made it to destination, I still had all my camera and photo gear. easier to rent scuba gear......
  9. Hello. My Phenom has started to act up. The right control trigger does not activate the record / standby. Has anyone had this problem and fixed it? Will I need a ,new handle from Amphibico? Thanks
  10. .....and now Canada is pushing China to start buying seal products because the european market has dried up! Canada and Japan are the same as far as their motives for the killing of mammals....
  11. I have a lightly used Aquatica 40d / 50d housing for sale. $1800
  12. Years ago I had a Gates housing ( Pc 120) and almost the same thing happened to me except I was able to get to the surface with my housing and camera before any damage occured. I can't remember which control it was but the housing was brand new and had less than a few dives on it. I sent it back to Gates and they did find the problem ( their fault) so yes their housings sometimes are not as watertight as they claim. When anyone orders a housing they should always take it for about 5 - 10 dives without any CAMERA in it just to make sure. Play with all the controls and then do a thorough inspection afterwards. Everyone wants to get in the water right away with a new rig but this is something I do. Make sure you have a good leak detector in the housing as well! Sad to hear about the flood because I know gates makes a great product.
  13. Ports are compatible. I had a 20D and a 40D housing.
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