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  1. I recently had some photos published in a magazine and would like to increase my exposure in publications. Does anyone have any advice to offer in regards to online stock photo websites where you submit your photos for sale? If anyone has had a positive or negative experience I would really appreciate hearing it. Kind Regards Lisa
  2. Hi Everyone Thanks for all the help, unfortunately I tried all the suggestions and it's still not working and all the footage is still marked with the ring. Does anyone know if there is a way of removing such marks from video in Pinnacle? The Ikelite box does not contain any ring, there is a foam ring inside the housing. Lisa
  3. Thanks for the help wagsy, will try what you suggested. I have been inspecting my housing and there doesn't seem to be much of a gap between the camera lens and housing lens. Could you please tell me what you think is causing this? Thanks so much for the advice Lisa
  4. I have a sony video camera in an ikelite housing with the W20 Ikelite Wide Angle Converter lens, when reviewing the film I have 2 light blue semicircles on the bottom right hand corner of every shot. I have attached a stills shot of the problem highlighted in a red circle. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Is it a faulty lens? Any help would be appreciated. Lisa
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