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  1. The British Society of Underwater Photographers invites entries for its fourth International Focus On Competition, previously won by Mike Veitch (2005), Martin Tomčík (2006) and Francesco Visintin (2007). Again, no theme is being imposed on the participants this year, although the photograph must have been taken underwater, in an open water environment. Aquarium and pool shots are not eligible. Your image should be saved as a JPG file no bigger than 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high with a file size no greater than 1MB and submitted here. The deadline for entering your image is Tuesday 19th August 2008 at 10pm BST. Images will be judged by the audience at the BSoUP meeting on Wednesday 20th August and the winner will receive the International Focus On Competition trophy. Hopefully, Wetpixel members will do as well this year as they have done in the past ! Good luck ! JP
  2. Bit of both ! Actually, I look forward to diving in Stoney again. I haven't been in UK quarries for ages. There will be quite a few of us there, which should be fun. And considering what the viz has been like on the South coast lately, it'll be nice to be able to see something ! A few pikes, maybe ? JP
  3. Tramp ? Nah ! I thought you looked rather presentable, for once !!! Congrats Dean, this is fab ! I'll be in Stoney on 4 Aug. See you there ? JP
  4. Hey Dean, you've also got 4 pages in this month's DIVE Mag! Nice one ! JP
  5. Blimey ! A 30" screen must make the backscatter spots look huuuge !
  6. And there was me thinking you wanted to take advantage of my modelling skills Dean, I'm not showing my Passport photo. That would be too embarassing!
  7. How can you tell? I'm not wearing my beret, stripy T-shirt and string of onions for once!
  8. Hmmm... should I ? ... A fine example of topside portrait photography, shot by Dr Mustard... He really has a knack for bringing-out the best out of wild animals !
  9. The British Underwater Image festival results have been published with some great results by Wetpixel members. Well done Dean! Your movie was fantastic! JP
  10. John, have you still got the leather chaps that went with the 'tache ? JP
  11. I'm sure we can reach a settlement. I was thinking... maybe... a couple of pints tomorrow evening at LIDS.
  12. I need to make it clear though that I'm not the diver in the yum-yum yellow wetsuit ! And I haven't signed a model release form ! JP
  13. CMAS * in France 1980 PADI OWSI in the UK 1998. I missed the deadline for getting an automatic HSE Part IV restricted which used to come with the PADI instructors ticket in the old days. JP
  14. I can't wait to get my hands on a signed copy !
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