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  1. Where's the "Hello, my name is Mark, and I'm an alcoholic, (all because of this crazy desire to get an image anywhere close to all the guys on WP)." phase??
  2. Spectacular (as always), Alex! Thanks for your continued inspiration and ingenuity. Cheers, Mark
  3. Welcome back to the water! Great images!
  4. Nice stuff, Scott! I need to escape the office & head down there soon. Mark
  5. Great images, Laz! Truly inspiring. Looks like a trip south is even more necessary for me...
  6. Wow - just came across these, Jeff! Really like them. Great stuff... Cheers, Mark
  7. My experience is limited to DUI. I currently have a TLS350 that has performed admirably. Use a shop that has experience measuring correctly for drysuits, try/test several if you have the opportunity, and don't skimp. (Sounds like any piece of dive or photo gear, huh?) Cheers, Mark
  8. Matt, You didn't mention any specific destinations, but I'd like to recommend Mike Haber & Mike Mesgleski of Jim Church School of Underwater Photography. http://www.jimchurchphoto.com/index.html Most of their workshops are aboard the Aggressor fleet, which as you most likely know, is scattered all over. Their style of teaching is very effective, and there's a good mix of lectures, one-on-one time, and assistance in the water. It's a worthwhile investment, and you'll spend time with some fun folks. Good luck, Mark
  9. Now the rest of us are anxiously awaiting the debut of your video of the good doctor cavorting around in the sea. Seriously, great video!
  10. What a great trip, Steve. Thanks for the commentary and sharing your opinions of Shearwater & Jim, too. Wistfully looking at the chain holding me to this desk... Mark
  11. Excellent job, Steve. Looks like it was a very productive trip. Looking forward to seeing more of your results.
  12. Got mine last week, and my girlfriend promptly stole it! Spectacular issue, as always.
  13. Nice effect, Carlos. I thought it was a shot of Earth, too. Mark
  14. Excellent shots -- you should be proud. Steve is right about the w/a stuff -- a lot of us need to move a bit closer. Keep up the good work & keep sharing... Mark
  15. Spectacular - keep up the good work!
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