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  1. Selling a Sealux System for the Canon EOS 30D. Sealux CC30 Housing for EOS 30D Domeport 120/94 for Canon 10-22 Zoom Ring for Canon 10-22 Flat Port for Canon 60mm Macro Strobe cables 2x Handlebar Price: €250 Canon EOS 30D with spare battery available for €60
  2. Selling a 150 degrees Sealux Viewfinder "GV 150". Viewfinder is in perfect condition. Price new from Sealux is €1,000 Asking price €250 Shipping free in the European Union. Worldwide shipping possible.
  3. I have purchased the M15000 and used it on a trip in the Maldives in November. In my opinion it is really good, but I can not compare it to Keldan as I have never owned one of these. I also feel that the quality of the light is very good, but again I do not have a reference with Keldan. Personally I was satisfied with the output and the quality of the light. I will purchase a second lamp for my next trip together with the remote unit.
  4. Hi! I have both, but I have just switched to the Nauticam WWL-1, so I actually don’t need them anymore. The semidome is in perfect condition with no visible scratches or other issues. I always had the M67 flip diopter holder mounted on the dome, which gave it a perfect protection from scratches. I would sell for these prices: Nauticam N85 4" Semidome: €375 (new price is €490) Olympus 9-18 Zoom gear: €130 (new price is €180) Both together I can discount to €480.
  5. Hi! I'm looking for the following items: Naticam N85 35mm port (36139) Nauticam Zoom gear (36057) for the Panasonic 14-42 II
  6. Selling a 150 degrees Sealux Viewfinder "GV 150". Viewfinder is in perfect condition. Price new from Sealux is €1,000 Asking price €450 Shipping free in the European Union. Worldwide shipping possible.
  7. Thank's for the information and that's good news. With the wider view of the dome port I expect that I will have to zoom in a bit more, but should probably work at least from 25-50mm, which is good enough. So for that purpose do you think the +5 diopter will be enough or is it better if I go directly for the +10 diopter? I'm currently leaning more towards the +5 diopter since it will be smaller and lighter than the +10 With the 60mm macro lens I'm planning to get anyway, I think it should be good enough as I can go a bit more over 1:1 which is probably all I will need anyway. But I may be wrong so I thought I'll better ask first
  8. Does nobody here have any experience with using SubSee diopters with normal (non macro) lenses??
  9. Yes, there is a new Nauticam diopter holder for the dome port. It's this one here at reefphoto for example It is designed specifically for the Nauticam 4" wide angle port.
  10. Hi everyone! I got the following plan for taking the O-MD underwater: Nauticam housing 4" dome port for 9-18mm and 12-50mm With the austrian custom zoom gear I will be able to operate the 12-50mm behind the 4" nauticam semi dome. That should have the advantage of the increased field of view on the wide end compated to operating it behind the standard 12-50 Nauticam port. Since I will not be able to get to macro mode with that option, I want to add the Nauticam flip diopter holder to the port to add either a Subsee +5 or + 10 diopter. Since I have no experience with diopters yet, I am however not sure which one to choose. I also plan to get the Olympus 60mm macro in the near future. I have read in some other forum, that one will also fit behind the Nauticam 4" dome port as it's nearly the same length as the 12-50mm That would then give me a very compact setup with only one port which would be ideal when I want/have to travel light. So the big question now is which diopter to choose for this setup. The Subsee +5 or +10 I may in the future add the Nauticam port for the 60mm macro to have a dedicated macro port which would give some more magnification compared to the dome port. Alex Mustard also confirmed that the 12-50 can be operated behind this port without any restricions. So here again I could add the flip diopter holder to get macro functionality on the 12-50 when operating it behind this dome. Like I said I have no experience with diopters, so I have no clue if it would be better to choose the +5 diopter for this setup or go with the +10 diopter. With the 60mm macro I will be able to get to 1:1 anyway, so I'm not sure if the +10 diopter may not be a bit of an overkill here and if it would be better to only have a +5 diopter. For the 12-50mm I have no idea how much the difference between the +5 and +10 will be. Since I'm planning to get the 60mm for serious macro work anyway, I'm currently leaning more towards the +5 diopter because it will be enough to get good macro with the 12-50 but must not be 1:1 since I will have the 60mm for that anyway when needed. Any input will be very much appreciated. Many thank's, Robert
  11. Hello Jim! Thanks for the mini review. I'm very interested in your opinion of the 5D viewfinder as this is one of the main reasons I'm leaning towards the 5D instead of the 20/30D. Did you (or anyone else here) have a chance to compare the viewfinder with another Canon DSLR? It's quite noticeably bigger than the one on the 20D or 300D on land, but the question is if this advantage is still present underwater? How much worse is it to your previous (film?) camera, as you claimed that it quite limited and illuminates weakly. Thanks for your feedback. Robert
  12. Hi guys! Thanks for your answers. I completely forgot that the D-2000 can't be cable fired. This would be a problem in case I upgrade to a DSLR. So I think I will keep my Z220s. Does anyone know how much differentce in light output there is between the Guidenumber 20 of the D-2000 and 22 of the Z-220. Regards Robert
  13. Hello! I just received the Inon Z220s strobe I orderd and I'm pretty amazed by it's size. Unfurtonately I just noticed that there is a new Inon D-2000 strobe coming soon. :? It has a guide number of 20 (compared to 22 for the Z220s) and lot's of features like S-TTL and a focusing light which I would really like to have. The price is just a little bit more than the Z220s and as I still have the possibility to return my Z220s, I don't really know what to do. I'm shooting with a Canon S60 + Inon wide angle lense setup and wanted to ask if anyone could tell me if I should get the new strobe or just keep my Z220s. Any comparison of the two strobes out yet? Regards Robert
  14. Hello! I would like to know if anyone here has experiences in diving with the new Canon s60. I would also like to know if the wide angle and macro lenses for the older s30-s50 Cameras will fit the new housing or not. What about the wide angle lens? Do you think it will deliver acceptable results behind the flat port? Comments would really be appreciated. Regards Robert
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