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  1. Selling a Sealux System for the Canon EOS 30D.

    Sealux CC30 Housing for EOS 30D  
    Domeport 120/94 for Canon 10-22 
    Zoom Ring for Canon 10-22      
    Flat Port for Canon 60mm Macro    
    Strobe cables 2x

    Price: €250

    Canon EOS 30D with spare battery available for €60



  2. I have purchased the M15000 and used it on a trip in the Maldives in November.
    In my opinion it is really good, but I can not compare it to Keldan as I have never owned one of these.

    I also feel that the quality of the light is very good, but again I do not have a reference with Keldan.
    Personally I was satisfied with the output and the quality of the light. I will purchase a second lamp for my next trip together with the remote unit.


  3. Hi!

    I have both, but I have just switched to the Nauticam WWL-1, so I actually don’t need them anymore.
    The semidome is in perfect condition with no visible scratches or other issues.
    I always had the M67 flip diopter holder mounted on the dome, which gave it a perfect protection from scratches.

    I would sell for these prices:

    Nauticam N85 4" Semidome: €375 (new price is €490)

    Olympus 9-18 Zoom gear: €130 (new price is €180)

    Both together I can discount to €480.

  4. Selling a 150 degrees Sealux Viewfinder "GV 150". 
    Viewfinder is in perfect condition. Price new from Sealux is €1,000

    Asking price €450

    Shipping free in the European Union. Worldwide shipping possible.



  5. With a flat port I found the dioptre worked with the 12-50 through almost all the range (from 15-50mm). Wider than 15mm it cut off.






    Thank's for the information and that's good news.

    With the wider view of the dome port I expect that I will have to zoom in a bit more, but should probably work at least from 25-50mm, which is good enough.


    So for that purpose do you think the +5 diopter will be enough or is it better if I go directly for the +10 diopter?

    I'm currently leaning more towards the +5 diopter since it will be smaller and lighter than the +10

    With the 60mm macro lens I'm planning to get anyway, I think it should be good enough as I can go a bit more over 1:1 which is probably all I will need anyway.



    But I may be wrong so I thought I'll better ask first :)

  6. Hi everyone!


    I got the following plan for taking the O-MD underwater:


    Nauticam housing

    4" dome port for 9-18mm and 12-50mm


    With the austrian custom zoom gear I will be able to operate the 12-50mm behind the 4" nauticam semi dome.

    That should have the advantage of the increased field of view on the wide end compated to operating it behind the standard 12-50 Nauticam port.


    Since I will not be able to get to macro mode with that option, I want to add the Nauticam flip diopter holder to the port to add either a Subsee +5 or + 10 diopter.


    Since I have no experience with diopters yet, I am however not sure which one to choose.


    I also plan to get the Olympus 60mm macro in the near future. I have read in some other forum, that one will also fit behind the Nauticam 4" dome port as it's nearly the same length as the 12-50mm

    That would then give me a very compact setup with only one port which would be ideal when I want/have to travel light.


    So the big question now is which diopter to choose for this setup. The Subsee +5 or +10



    I may in the future add the Nauticam port for the 60mm macro to have a dedicated macro port which would give some more magnification compared to the dome port. Alex Mustard also confirmed that the 12-50 can be operated behind this port without any restricions.

    So here again I could add the flip diopter holder to get macro functionality on the 12-50 when operating it behind this dome.


    Like I said I have no experience with diopters, so I have no clue if it would be better to choose the +5 diopter for this setup or go with the +10 diopter.

    With the 60mm macro I will be able to get to 1:1 anyway, so I'm not sure if the +10 diopter may not be a bit of an overkill here and if it would be better to only have a +5 diopter.

    For the 12-50mm I have no idea how much the difference between the +5 and +10 will be. Since I'm planning to get the 60mm for serious macro work anyway, I'm currently leaning more towards the +5 diopter because it will be enough to get good macro with the 12-50 but must not be 1:1 since I will have the 60mm for that anyway when needed.


    Any input will be very much appreciated.


    Many thank's,



  7. Hello Jim!


    Thanks for the mini review.

    I'm very interested in your opinion of the 5D viewfinder as this is one of the main reasons I'm leaning towards the 5D instead of the 20/30D.

    Did you (or anyone else here) have a chance to compare the viewfinder with another Canon DSLR?

    It's quite noticeably bigger than the one on the 20D or 300D on land, but the question is if this advantage is still present underwater?

    How much worse is it to your previous (film?) camera, as you claimed that it quite limited and illuminates weakly.


    Thanks for your feedback.



  8. Hello!


    I just received the Inon Z220s strobe I orderd and I'm pretty amazed by it's size. Unfurtonately I just noticed that there is a new Inon D-2000 strobe coming soon. :?


    It has a guide number of 20 (compared to 22 for the Z220s) and lot's of features like S-TTL and a focusing light which I would really like to have.


    The price is just a little bit more than the Z220s and as I still have the possibility to return my Z220s, I don't really know what to do.


    I'm shooting with a Canon S60 + Inon wide angle lense setup and wanted to ask if anyone could tell me if I should get the new strobe or just keep my Z220s.


    Any comparison of the two strobes out yet?





  9. Hello!


    I would like to know if anyone here has experiences in diving with the new Canon s60.


    I would also like to know if the wide angle and macro lenses for the older s30-s50 Cameras will fit the new housing or not.


    What about the wide angle lens? Do you think it will deliver acceptable results behind the flat port?


    Comments would really be appreciated.





  10. Hi!


    I will try to give you a simple answer to your question:


    A flat port magnifies a dome port doesn't.

    Actually the dome port works as a kind of negative lens to compensate the magnifying effect when light travels from water to air.


    For physical reasons I don't want to explain (as I have to read it up myself again), you should use a dome port when shooting wider than say 35mm as the quality off center decreases and the dome port compensates for that.

    Also when shooting wide angle you don't want a magnifying effect as you want to go wide. Therefore you should use a dome port.


    Flat port is obviously easier and therefore cheaper to produce and a magnifying effect is probably seen as an advantage when shooting macro.



    I need to post a question as well:


    I would like to buy the canon 100mm macro.


    I think that the 50mm will probably not be long enough for what I want, but on the other hand I'm not sure if the 100mm might eventually bee too long.


    As I want to travel light, I think about using it behind a dome-port as well. Therefore I would only need one port (probably with extension ring) and don't need to carry a second flat port.

    As the dome port doesn't magnify the combination should be longer than a 50mm macro behind a flat port but still shorter than 100mm+flat port.


    Could anyone tell me, if this makes sense or not?


    Is there any trade-off in image quality when shooting a macro lens behind a dome port?





  11. Hi Marjo!


    I've been around asia already.

    Backpacking in Thailand 3 years ago before going to Australia and last year Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia by motorbike.

    So I know what it will be like.


    This time, I want to go to the Philippines, Borneo and Indonesia and then over to Australia.

    Australia will probably be a road trip by car, so I don't expect too much problems there.

    I will have a big backback and a day bag with me, and I will keep the camera and lens with me in the day bag. How they handle the big backpack I don't care too much.

    I want to leave the housing itself in the big bag, and as it is a metal housing it should be quite durable and if I pack it right I don't expect problems.

    Just would need a good box for the dome port if I really go with SLR.

    I also think about doing my dive master somewhere so I will stay there (wherever it will be) for quite a while and like I said already, after I started shooting DSLR I just can't force myself to go back to some small p&s.


    I figured that the complete 300D setup should weight 5kg max., so if I don't pack to much other stuff I won't have more than 18kg all together.

    This is far from optimum but I think not too bad either.

    I can't believe you started with 40kg :shock:

    That was definitely too much, but I can remember my first time was really overloaded as well.

    And last time I was extremely overloaded too, but as I mentioned already, I was travelig by motorbike, so it wasn't a real problem :D


    So I'm still trying to figure things out, but I still have a couple of month left so I'm sure I will find a solution.





  12. Thanks for the information james!


    Is 6" really small? I would think it is rather big, or not?


    As far as I know you get dome ports from 3" up to 8".

    Which factors define the required size of a dome port?

    Is it the angle of the lens or it's size or what?


    I would really be happy if someone could answer this question.


    To James:

    What is your opinion on the UK-Germany housing?

    Was it alright or did you have some problems?





  13. Thanks for the reply guys.

    If been backpacking before, so I know what I'm talking about.

    The problem is just, that after I started shooting with a DSLR, I just can't force myself to go back to p&s.

    So I will take the 300D with me for sure.

    I also have a good insurance for the stuff, so I don't need to worry too much that something breaks or get's stolen.


    Sending the equipment ahead to each destination like “kdietz” suggested is unfortunately not an option, as I’ve been in non western countries before and I would not want to send a box with expensive equipment to a destination I’ve never been before. I once shipped a package from Thailand back to Europe and it arrived 7 month later than expected :shock: !!!


    On the other side, I will not go hiking with the equipment. I will mainly carry it from my room to the next bus, taxi or whatever and then back to another room. For hiking trips I will store the stuff somewhere and just use a day bag. So weight is of course a factor but 2 more kilos will probably not kill me. I’m more concerned about the volume.


    So to get back to the topic:

    Could anyone tell me how big a dome port for the kit lens will be and how much it will weight? Are there proper hard plastic boxes for dome ports available, to store them?


    The complete oly5050 setup (with Inon Z220) will be about 2,800g and the complete Rebel setup (incl. 75-300 and Inon Z220) will be something like 4,600g.

    I'm willing to add 2kg to get much more reach topside, better image quality and flexibility above and underwater.

    What I'm not sure about is, if I can handle the volume.


    The Rebel is not big and the kit lens is really small and lightweight too, so I can fit that easy into my backpack, together with the 75-300 lens.

    I did that on my last trip as well, but there I was travelling on a motorbike, so it was much easier as I had more space and didn't have to carry the stuff :D


    The UK-Germany housing should be really small too. Regarding to digideep the housing without port is nearly the same size as the OLY PT-015 housing! The Z220 is small too, so maybe I could find some space for that as well as my backpack is really big. I will of course only take 1 strobe and just one simple and light strobe arm.


    So the thing I’m concerned about is/are the port(s).

    Can anyone provide me information about size and weight of SLR dome ports?

    Could I use a dome port for shooting macro as well or not?

    I know with a flat port I will get more magnification, but other than that, is there any difference?





  14. Hi!


    I' m planning a longer (6 month) backpacking trip around Asia and Australia with a big (not main) focus on diving starting in autumn.


    I started shooting DSLR with a D30, 2 years ago and switched to the Digital Rebel in October.


    I've had a Canon S30 with underwater housing and Sea&Sea YS-90DX strobe for a while and took a couple of reasonable satisfying shot's with that setup. Things that were annoying me were, that the housing would ALWAYS fog towards the end of the dive and that the camera had a terrible shutter lag. The S30 broke last year anyway, so in the moment I only have the DRebel.


    I will take the 300D together with the kit lens and the Canon 75-300 (and maybe a fisheye) with me on my trip for topside photography, but I still don’t know how to handle the underwater part of my trip.


    I basically came up with two ideas:


    Idea 1:


    Oly 5050: 450g (with batteries)

    PT015: 620g

    Inon UWL-100: 625g

    Dome port: 490g

    Total weight : 2,200g


    Total costs: 1350€


    Idea 2:

    House my DRebel.


    I've been studying the SLR housing section for quite a while and the smallest and lightest housing for the 300D I could find was the one from UK-Germany which should only weight 1.500g regarding the specs on www.digideep.com


    I just sent a mail to UK-Germany and they told me, that the housing will weight about 2,000g together with the flat port that is included in the price of the housing.

    The price will be 1850€.

    I will probably need a dome port as well, which will be another 400€.


    So the total setup will be about 2240€


    What I don’t know is how heavy a dome port is.


    If anyone here has experience with UK-Germany and their housings already, I would really appreciate information on the size and weight of their dome ports.


    As for a strobe I think about the Inon Z220 as it is both powerful and small.


    The final question now is, what do you guys think?

    Is it possible to go backpacking with a housed DSLR or should I stick to a P&S setup for underwater photography?

    Another question: I will use the kit lens as my main underwater lens but will probably buy a fisheye lens as well.

    Can this lens be housed in a small dome port or do I need one of these “huge” dome ports for the fisheye?


    Please remember that this will be a backpacking trip for about 6 month and not a 2 week holiday. So everything I take with me, will stay with me for half a year. So I need to pack as small and lightweight as possible.

    As I will take the 300D with me anyway the weight of the housing with flat and dome port will probably not be much more than the weight of the Olympus setup, but I’m a bit concerned about the volume. The thing is, that I don’t know what dome port size I need and how compact I can pack the flat and dome port in my backpack compared to the oly setup.


    I would also be happy if someone could provide me information regarding UK-Germany and their housings in general. Does anyone have any experience with their housing for the Digital Rebel?





  15. Hello!


    I will be flying to Singapore on November the 3th and stay there for a couple

    of days before traveling up north.

    I recently bought a Sea&Sea YS90DX strobe quite cheap on Ebay, but I still

    neend the fibre optic cable to make it work with my Canon S30.

    The problem is that the cable is currently not available here in Austria an will

    not arrive bevore I leave the country. Does anyone know a dealer in Singapore,

    where I can buy one, or at least order it in advance, so that I don't have to wait

    in Singapore until the cable arrives.


    Information on this topic would really be appreciated.





  16. Hallo!


    I would like to get some information about the Sea & Sea YS25DX strobe.

    Is there anyone out there who has some experience with it.

    I'm really interrested in how much better bigger and more expensive strobes (Ikelite 125, YS-90 DX ) are.

    Ok, they are stronger, but do i really need that much light in most situations or could the YS25 do the job too.

    I currently own the Canon S30 and I'm planning a loger tripp to SE Asia (e.g. Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia,...).

    As I'm backpacking I only have limited space and therefore I can't carry around huge strobes and all this stuff.

    Also the price does mather. That's why I hope that the YS25 will fit my needs, and therefore I would really like to hear some other oppinions.


    Anyone used the Epoque ES 150DS strobe or any other small and not too expensive strobe that would fit my needs.


    Thanks in advance :)



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