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  1. Been doing some reading. Definitely considering everything, but the Oly C-5050 seems to be really well regarded, from past posts. Thing is...they're pretty much hard to find. Anyone know where I might locate one? I've tried the websites of B&H, Adorama, KEH, Crutchfield. Searches on Pricescan.com come up pretty empty except for a few non-name places. Any other ideas? The housings seem to be out there, just not the camera anymore.
  2. Thanks for the info. I enjoyed looking at the pics in the link you provided. I've been doing some reading and the 5050 seems to be discontinued, and replaced by the 5060? I'll keep my eye out for a good deal on these, although they might be above my budget. But we'll see.... I have to agree that it seems that with the Oly PT housing prices, this will be much cheaper to get into UW versus buying the CP5000 and having to spend a min of $600-$700 on a housing. Can these PT housings be used with a simple strobe setup? Also, 1 more question. Are there any other camera manufacturere that make cheaper houses for their cameras?
  3. Hi gang, I finally did it and put my Nikon CP995 up on ebay. Figured it was about time. I'm looking to get a new or used camera to replace it. To be honest with you, this will be primarily a land camera. I only dive a few times a year, but I'd like something to take in the water with me on occassion. I've done some reading in the past and saw the Nikon CP5000 came highly recommended, although I'm not too sure if that's the case still. And I've managed to track down a few used deals for around the $300 mark. Or, I could go for a new camera. Any ideas here? Cost of the housing should be considered, too, I guess. I think Olympus makes some cheaper housing (PT-series?) while the CP5000 housings are more expensive, but maybe available used since they were so popular. Again, any advice you have would be great. Just curious what you'd buy (and why) if you had my budget. Thanks! Aaron
  4. How long do you think the CP5000 will be a good choice for UW use? Currently, I have a 995. I'd like to do a small upgrade, although I can't go wild cause I just don't take that many pics and I don't get into the manual adjustments very much. I found a pretty sweet deal on a very lightly used CP5000 setup that won't seem to cost me very much, after I sell the 995. Will that be a worthy upgrade? I only dive a few times a year at the most, but I'd certainly like to have a nice camera setup to take down. How much do used housing for the CP5000 cost? I remember reading a year or two ago (on this site) that the CP5000 was very popular and so I'm hoping maybe there's a few members who will eventually be upgrading their equipment. Thanks in advance, Aaron
  5. Thanks for the link. That's the one I was looking for. I'm sorry, I didn't explain good enough. By "more portable" I meant on land. We want something to be able to put into a shirt/pants pocket. The 995 is kinda bulky. As far as U/W, that was more of a secondary thought. I just was thinking that if one of the 2-3 cameras I was considering was better at U/W, then that might make the decision easier, although it couldn't be the only deciding factor. Aaron
  6. Hi group, I currently own a Nikon 995. We're looking for a new camera, probably in the $300 range, that's more portable than the 995. I have narrowed the choice down to possibly either the Canon A80 or the Oly C-560. I thought there used to be a page that let you search for housings for your camera. I can't seem to find it now. Does anyone know if there are housings for either of the above cameras? I don't dive enough to justify a $750+ housing for the Nikon 995, so I'm hoping one of the "cheaper" housings might be available for our new camera. Thanks in advance for any help you may have. Aaron
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