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  1. Very nice video. I miss Catalina and how everyone steps up.
  2. It's humor (did you miss the point?) , and for folks contemplating posting on Youtube specifics about uploading a HD-quality movie.
  3. There's been a parallel discussion on Rebreather World for a while: http://www.rebreatherworld.com/dive-medici...a-child-go.html As a scuba instructor, educator and someone who has worked with kids - I say stick with the established norms. There are reasons for standards which are drawn from a legal perspective. If you're an instructor you are legally responsible for anything that happens to the kids under your charge. In the US - this could mean financial responsibility for the life of the kid should they receive disabling injuries. Please read my post regarding a dual father & son tragedy in California from the late 90's. Cheers, Ken
  4. My dog Schnoppy went to visit Bernie Madoff. While he didn't really get a chance to meet the Ponzi master of Wall St. - he did give it his best shot. This little video was shot on a Canon HV20 and edited on an older version of iMovie. After much experimentation I think I have the requirements for uploading HD Quicktime footage on Youtube: Compression type: H.264 Frame rate: current Key frames: every 30 frames Compressor: Best quality Data Rate: Restrict to 5000 Optimiazed for CD/DVD-ROM Audio: Format AAC Sample Rate: 44.100 khz Channels: Mono Bit Rat: 64 kbps Cheers, Ken - Team Torrent www.shipwrecksforkids.com
  5. I would add much the same as Automatic. That being said I understand that it's a quick composite for promotion. The scenes where folks are standing about, flying in, driving are a a bit long. While it does add context to the overall story...sequences like these could be shortened. I also understand the necessity of being camera, safety and technical. Much of this can distract from the primary goal of getting the shot. We are also in the midst of creating outdoor videos. If you peruse a thread called Alaska Outdoors Television here on Wetpixel you might see some similarities and editing technique here and there. The television company has editors (several) that work on the episodes. When I edit, it is all so time consuming, and often tedious. Please feel free to leave me a personal message as there are some commonalities here. Cheers, Ken
  6. By the way, please feel free to comment. Feedback always appreciated.
  7. Hi Wetpixel viewers. Here's a link to our episode of Alaska Outdoors Television. It's a FOX TV series! I am shooting a Gates and Sony combo. Lots of fun and tough diving to boot. Currents like crazy in some areas. If you scroll 1/3 through you can see a deep mine we will be investigating. It's yucky and definitely CCR/ mixed gas type work. All the fish and invertebrates I saw were in near torpor, or reluctant to move. Ick. Here's the link on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/2237428 If you're interested in shipwrecks please peruse: www.shipwrecksforkids.com www.lostshipwrecks.com Cheers, Ken
  8. I am using the Ikelite as backup these days to a Gates/Sony combo. I am not convinced that any more expenditures on the Ike system will be fruitful. In short, 900.00 will go a long way towards a newer housing and better HDV cameras. BTW - here is some footage shot on the Gates/ Sony combo. The Ikelite footage ended up being cut due to vignetting and loss of color using the add-on Ikelite Dome Port combos. & Raynox 50/50. In short, Gates wins hands down here. That being said I do like the Ike because it is lighter & kinda fun-lookin' vs. my aluminum housings. However, it's also not getting wet...nice acrylic paperweight. p.s. the surface footage is a combo. of Canon and Sony HDV footage.
  9. Your wife! I rescind everything I said!!! I don't want you getting in trouble. Actually, for dives 12-22 she did quite well and with a year layoff even! I probably have met your friend Ron at some point. That being said I haven't been back to my favorite island for at least two years. The closest I got was your video. Thanks for sharing and look forward to your next video post! Cheers, Ken
  10. Cheers Bob! I love watching the video. I especially love the closeups of the Bat Ray in full feeding mode and your music/editing choices. Bravo! As per modeling - it was interesting watching the duo. The fella was very comfortable in his movements and easy to watch. The other less so. I did notice that she had a ton of weight strapped around her waist which was driving her hips down and creating a positive attack angle. She also dangled her spg & octo. That being said I would suggest (as a scuba instructor) that she shift her weights around. Moving some weight towards the crown of the tank would be beneficial. Also, positively buoyant fins would move her more towards the neutral position both in her regular swimming mode and on ascents. Of course, the shifting of weights might become visible on video? Short story - with my beginning video students on Catalina I got very tired of seeing them always in the up angle. After viewing the clips I would urge them to try a spare heavy plate (Fred T - 12 lb) and small wing system that I had. Sometimes we switched fins to Mares, or whatever was floaty and fit. The swimming differences were often profound, as was air consumption. From former bottom trawlers they often became Mer people. We also used black ankle weights on the crown of the tank for those who didn't get a plate system. Anyway, I look forward to more of your videos! Cheers, Ken ps: As a guy who has tons of footage from Catalina - the environment of kelp forests (shade), beautiful ambient light, blue depths makes the decision to shoot with, or without lights sometimes a on/off situation. It might be bright as heck at 130' and twin 50 watt HID's are sometimes useless - except for closeups. Not always easy to figure out Catalina and it's variable lighting conditions.
  11. Probably nothing. That being said I don't know this forum well & I wanted to exercise some discretion with regards to the possible sensitivities of the original poster. My suggestions would include trim & buoyancy tips for one of his models. Cheers, Ken
  12. Very nice video. Nicely edited. Reminds me of my times instructing and shooting video @ Catalina! Additionally, if you'd like tips on how to get more from your models (buoyancy) please feel free to PM. Cheers, K
  13. I think one thing Ikelite could do is provide prospective buyers with some still grabs from lens combos. This would prevent buyers from having to guess, or be the guinea pigs for upgrade experimentation. On that note - I did experiment with the adaptor ring from Adorama to see if it made a difference with regards to the vignetting issue with the Raynox 5050-supplied adaptor ring. Results - same, if not a shade more vignetting with the Bower/ Adorama ring. http://www.adorama.com/FLD4337.html More experimentation to follow. In the end, I believe this Canon/Ikelite combo. will be backup for me. For WA Raynox shots I will just edit out the corners in FC. Ken
  14. Wow. Lots of room for experimentation here. Please let us know how you get on with your new system. I've attached two pics. from the Torrent expedition. It shows the vignettes surrounding newest team member Andrei Nikolaev. While the vignettes can be taken out in Final Cut - it's still a drag. Sorta like driving a nice car with one of those tiny spare tires. Cheers, Ken
  15. Hi Peter, The funny thing is that I spoke to Glenn @ Ike regarding "pro" quality images on the HV 20 and was told to move towards the Ike Dome Port 9304 & Raynox combo. vs. the typical W20 combo. add-on lens. http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/w20lens.html The Ike 9304 is the dome I now have sitting on the Ike housing. A flat port came standard with the housing. It's just a normal piece of flat glass as seen on the standard Ike housing. Since you have a different unit I am sure you'll have different results. I'll be editing some footage soon and will be able to post pics. from the actual dive and the vignette issue. It isn't bad, and can be taken out in Final Cut - but it is an slight eyesore when compared against the Gates & Sony combo. All in all I wish I had known about some of the optical lens solutions provided by after-market innovators! That being said I still have experimenting to do with the Ike. On separate note - I don't use the mirror and see quite well through the standard lens finder. Ken www. shipwrecksforkids.com
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