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  1. Alex, Great reviews so far. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Glenn
  2. I dive in Key Largo quite often with Silent World Dive center. They are a top notch outfit, with smaller boats and great crews.
  3. We just finished up 6 dives in Cabo Pulmo, which is about an hour and 10 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas. We had a fantastic time with a great dive crew and lofts of life up on the reef. It is a national preserve, so things are very nicely taken care of. We dived with The Cabo Pulmo Dive Center, and could not have been happier. Each of our dives were guided and that helped with both then enjoyment factor and the spotting of great marine life. All dives were drift dives, with the average bottom temp around 79 degrees. For more info, please just drop me a note. I know that they do run a shuttle from Cabo San Lucas in the morning to Cabo Pulmo. Glenn
  4. I have two Nikon D2X camera's for sale. Both have been serviced regularly by NPS. For sale as a pair or individually. No reasonable offer will be refused. Regards, Glenn
  5. I have two D2X's that I am looking to sell. I am a professional photographer by trade, so they have been taken care of and serviced regularly. By the same token, they show wear on the outside in accordance with their use. I am looking for best offers. Bodies can be sold separately or as a pair. If they go as a pair, I will definitely give a discount. I have 4 of these and have begun adding D3's to my work, so I need to part with a few of the D2X's. Drop me a note if interested, Glenn
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