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  1. Some 800s had focus issues from new - Thom Hogan did an article on how to test http://www.bythom.com/D800autofocus.htm Thewre are also several other reports about issues with the repair procedure etc in his 2012 archive.
  2. There are remote underwater video systems available cheaply. Try these for a couple of examples http://www.image-acquire.com/aqua-cam-unde...fishing-camera/ http://www.getfishtv.com/store/?cat=FishTV Colin
  3. See http://www.digitaldiver.net/lib_docs/Z220ManualVer11.4b.pdf for a manual on the Z220 Colin
  4. What an excellent idea! Presumably if you used a 1.5 teleconverter instead you would avoid the vignette at 10mm. I look forward to the underwater results. Colin
  5. I've got to agree, its very dissapointing both in content and in the behaviour of the divers. All the divers I've talked to about it also found it dissapointing. Colin
  6. I've been going through the same decision making process on getting a housing for the D3 - although I dont intend to use the 14-24 lens. Like you I have some Subal ports but the cost of the Subal D3 housing is enormous in the UK. I was tempted by the Auqatica but decided it was too heavy for international flights. I eventually decided on a Sealux housing. I can get a housing and selection of ports and extension rings for less than the base cost of a Subal housing and its a similar weight at 2.75 kg. See http://www.sealux.de/s1e.htm If you are dead set on using the 14 - 24 you might still consider Subal as they have brought out a port specifically for it. Colin
  7. Like a lot of others I shot mainly TTL with film. When I switched to digital with the D2X I had no choice but to go to manual and didnt find it a problem. Since my cameras and housing were stolen / went missing between Mozambique and South Africa I'm now in the market for a new system and I'm seriously considering the Sea Tool / Inon / fibre optic route so I can have the choice. I shoot raws all the time. Colin
  8. "The photo is nothing special - bloody full frame cameras not allowing me to get enough magnification! Todd and Rand's photos are much nicer!" So which full frame camera have you switched to Alex, and are you using it underwater? Colin
  9. Subal told me they were planning one for release later this year - probably October / November time. They also told me it wouldnt be possible to use a D300 in the housing for the D700 as the viewfinder height is different as well as some of the controls on the back of the camera. Colin
  10. I asked him if the planned new housing for the D700 would be able to be used with the D300 to allow the versatility of switching between FX and DX in the same housing. He said not because as well as the viewfinder / overall height being greater on the D700 some of the controls on the back are in different positions. Seems to me that 1 housing with 2 different back plates would still allow the switch. Colin
  11. Hi everyone. I just got back from Mozambique on Sunday (without cameras, lenses or housing - missing en route but thats a different story) so I havent posted previously. Here's a few samples: Colin And a few more: Colin
  12. I use the Z22 with a nikon D2x. I fit a diffuser (which was supplied with it) to reduce the power by one stop. I use it in manual or aperture priority, minimum ISO and close the aperture down until the exposure is correct. It can mean going down to F22 or 32 sometimes. Colin
  13. Singapore airlines seem to have got far more restrictive on baggage / diving equipment recently. I flew with them to Bali from the UK earlier this year and they allowed up to 15 kg for diving equipment but charged for 6 kg. This worked out at £249 going and $330 coming back. Colin
  14. I had one break after a minor knock. Ocean Optics told me there was a problem with them and provided a replacement which was a different material, much more flexible.
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