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  1. Want to buy Ikelite wet wide angle Lens. Only in excellent condition. reasonably priced. What have you ? Sorry I should have been more specific . I would like either the WD-3 or 4 model wet Lens. I would prefer the WD-4. Thank you anyway. Marc
  2. 1) Nauticam NA-LX10 Pro Package, NEW/unused. All accessories included. retail price $1,440.00 my price $900. 2) Nauticam WWL-1 Wide Angle Lens, excellent condition. Comes with Nauticam Travel bag, Buoyancy Collar, and 67 mm threaded and Bayonet Mount retail price $1,320.00 my price $900.00, Bayonet mount sells for $92.00 3) Panasonic DMC-LX10 camera, Like NEW.used maybe 25 shutter times. retail price is $500. my price is $ 350.00 retail is $3,352.00 with out tax My price is $2,150.00 you save $1,202.00 and no tax I will not sell the Lens separately. I will however if the Housing sells alone first. Buyer pays $25.00 shipping and insurance
  3. I still have a couple of the older Nikonos SB-400 flashes. I was wondering if is possible to flash trigger it with some type of fiber optic adapter for manual mode only ?
  4. I have the WW-1 lens will this Lens work with the Ikelite housing for the LX10 ?
  5. Wanted Panasonic LX-10 and Nauticam housing, must be in excellent condition and reasonably priced.
  6. I'm still interested but would like to see some of the pictures you have taken with this set up. You say you haven't used it in a couple of years but I don't care if the pictures are old. Please post a couple of images using wide angle. Thank you
  7. I believe the meaning of " It rides closer to the Housing " is the wide Lens converter is closer to the front of the flat port of the Housing . I use the Nauticam WWL-1 Lens on my Ikelite TG-5 housing with the bayonet mount and it works great. Full use of the zoom.
  8. I'm looking to buy for my wife as a first camera and would like to see a couple pictures. Any change you could post a few pictures or a link some where . I'm mainly interested in wide angle pictures if you could. Thank you
  9. I have another question and I have asked Nauticam but have not head back from them so I will ask you. I already Own the WWL-1 lens, will this lens work good on your housing and camera ?
  10. I noticed that this camera has a hot shoe can you connect a flash from the housing using a cord ?
  11. Can you shoot this camera in manual mode and if so is it still for sale ?
  12. How old is the unit, when did you buy it, and did you buy it new ? Thank you, Marc
  13. Going,Going,....... should be shipping out today if I receive payment. Thank you,
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