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  1. Looking to buy a new or used Nikon AF-S FISHEYE NIKKOR 8-15mm PM please, Marc
  2. I have a Panasonic LX-10 and it white balances very good underwater. I all so have a Nikon Z50 which I was told that Nikons in general do not white balance all that well.So my question is what camera models white balance really good underwater ?
  3. I have the Nauticam LX 10 housing and WWL-C wide Lens and it has very little vignette. At F11 there is no vignette at all. I am moving up to the Nikon Z50 and will sell the LX 10 housing at the right price. PM me if interested.
  4. Wanted Nikon Z50 Housing, Please contact me if your interested in selling one, prefer Nauticam housing.
  5. Sorry no video only one beach dive and the visibility was terrible
  6. A few pictures taken with the LX-10 and WWL-C Lens. Note the vignette.
  7. Apparently the Panasonic Lx-10 is the only camera that vignettes with the WWL-C Lens. That is the only Camera that is listed on their website as being compatible. Since I own both WWL-1 and WWL-C Lens it is in my opinion the WWL-1 is still the better choice. When I shoot manual at F 11 their is very little if any vignettes. Only at wider apertures does it vignette. Disappointing but I am still keeping it.
  8. I might have spoken to soon I'm having a problem with the Lens. I am working on the problem with Mike from Backscatter and will update you as soon as possible. In the mean time I would hold off on buying the Lens.
  9. I bought the WWL-C Lens about a week ago and have used it only in my pool. I have a Nauticam LX 10 housing. So far it looks great with no vignetting and corner to corner sharpness also looks great. I also have the WWL-1 Lens that I was using on the same Housing and a Ikelite TG-5 Housing. I prefer the new WWL-C Lens over the WWL-1
  10. Your allowed to Bump up your Ad once a week, It's not fare to the rest of us that are trying to sale our items.
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