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  1. IDEALLY, I'd like something like a D700s - a full frame d700 that shoots 1080p.
  2. Hi all - just thought I would share. I've only been shooting u/w for about 2 years or so but got lucky enough to travel to the British Virgin Islands last month to shoot for a dive operation there called Dive BVI. Casey and Jeff are the GM's and introduced me to some great wreck diving around Virgin Gorda. As luck would have it, the local Yacht Guide was doing a feature on Casey and asked to use some of my pics from the trip. I thought it was just for the article so you can imagine my surprise when I saw the cover this month! I was shooting with a D200, Ikelite 160's and a rented 14mm. Luckily my toothy subject allowed me to get pretty close to get the image. Not saying that NatGeo is knocking down my door or anything, but it's a nice affirmation that I'm improving my skills. Daylon
  3. A few shots from this morning - C&C appreciated!
  4. Love the reflection on #3 - I doing a test u/w shoot in about 3 weeks.. judging from what I've seen, I'd say that extravagant eye, lip / body makeup would be called for considering how the water tends to wash out the skin tones. I've got a dual strobe u/w rig, and would love a topside optical slave or two.. but as James told me, "I'm just not comfortable with something plugged into a wall socket right next to the pool" I'm thinking maybe I could use my sb-800's with some sort of optical trigger? I don't own pocket wizards... any other way to trigger them as a dumb slave setup? Daylon
  5. Well, it USED to have an AF macro port and extension ring, but those were on loaner from the original owner, so I had to give em back. Already had the 105mm, so just bought a focus rin for that. I'm thinking I'm going to go the MF Macro port + extension ring.. and if I have any money left over rent something like a 12-24mm for the trip for my WA shots? D.
  6. That's what I was hoping to use it for - grrr.. I'm heading to Cayman for 8 days (aggressor trip) - in late June - anyone know the local fauna during this time?
  7. Well, right now I have the 105mm + focus ring... that's it. Was probably going to rent a 10mm fisheye for my upcoming trip if I went with the macro port package.... I'd hate to go on a trip and be 100% wide angle, or 100% macro, ya know?
  8. Have a bit of a dilemma and am looking for a few pointers - I have an Aquatica housing, 9'' dome, dual strobes. I'm headed off for a trip in June and am torn between two purchase decisions: 1) Tokina 10-17mm lens and zoom ring (Rough cost, $550) or 2) Manual focus Macro Port + extension ring (Rough cost $550) ?? Daylon
  9. Hi all! Looking for a gently used Aquatica manual focus Macro port + the extension ring required to use a Nikon 105mm lens for an Aquatica D20 housing - Pricing starts at $375 for both? Any takers? Daylon (located in Dallas Texas) - will pay shipping!
  10. Looks like the voting is evenly split each way - (save a couple of manual focusers) - interesting...
  11. Is there an easy way to smooth out the blue so it's more uniform without the noise? I've tried using healing brush + blur tool + noise ninja but I'm not getting the result I want... there has got to be an easier way... Any tips appreciated! D.
  12. Had a TON of backscatter -there was a lot of crap in in the water - I went in with the healing brush out got out most of the offending lightspots, then once more over with a blur tool with a soft setting (like 20% hardness) - D.
  13. I did sharpen it quite a bit - I wanted all the little "rust-icles" and things to be a bit more prominent...
  14. Shot in the Dominican Republic - tried to do a little post-processing to get that "Titanic" kinda feel to it.. C&C Welcome -
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