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  1. Hi Chris. Just general stuff, reef shots etc....obviously not macro. I know the 8-18mm is probably the more quality lens and the 8mm fish-eye is preferable to many who don't want the recilinear image but I actually like the little 9-18mm Olympus and am just trying to establish whether the 7-14mm is a step up in quality, especially given that I have a Lumix G9 camera inside an Ikelite Housing and large 8" Dome Port.
  2. Thank you, Wolfgang. This helps immensely. I use IKELITE housing, and either lens will fit in that with the Lumix G9. Best wishes. Spud
  3. Hello fellow artists. So......I have the Olympus 9-18mm which I actaully love. Of course, it's not the Olympus pro but, hey ho. NOW.......on a Lumix G9 camera, would you swap it for a Panasonic Lumix 7-14mm or stick with the Olympus?
  4. Gentlemen, and ladies, am selling the above housing which has only ever been used on a handful of snorkling trips on a single holiday. The dome port is the 6 inch version which will take a whole plethora of micro-forur thirds lenses. I am open to sensibe offers, but it did cost me over £1200 in the UK, and STILL would cost not far off that to buy today. Best wishes, Spud
  5. Hi Mattdiver. Thank you for your kind words. Some of the clips had a ti y bit of tweaking or boosting to auto levels in post, but not much. I used a Magic Filter, internally, and shot auto white balance up to around 10 metres, after tbat I focised on the white sand bottom, which did a good job down to around 35 metres with no lights. It's my first time with the camera and next year I'm sure I'll get better results. Corrinek, thankyou also. I only ever used the red filter, which did a great job, although I may try next time without the filter to see how it copes with white balance. My personal feeling is that below 10 metres uou could probably get great results without the filter.
  6. Glad you're here Bob. Its a Titan Trigger Fish and yes, he scratched my dome port! I also wanted to publicly thank you, here, for your patient and invaluable advice you so kindly gave me, prior to my trip. You're a true gentleman and a scholar, and such people make forums such as this truly worthwhile. Best wishes, Bob. PS: My wifes pictures with the GX80/85 are to follow!
  7. Hope you don't mind me posting this here. It's my firts time with the housing, obviously, and I need more practise, but I think this camera has amazing potential for a lot less than the GH5.
  8. New underwater housing for the G80/85.....all ready for an upcoming trip to Egypt's Red Sea! LOTS of money for what is, effectively, a plastic box, but hey ho. Have the 6 inch dome port fitted, (which WILL accommodate the 12-60mm kit lens), and I am planning to use the Lumix 12-32mm and the Olympus M.Zuiko 9-18mm. Am NOT a stills man so will be shooting, primarily, video using ambient light in the relatively shallow waters off Hurghada. Hope to post some footage around end of August.
  9. Haha. Rest assured I'm patient my friend. Unless I spend a fortune on equipment then find out they've released the equipment I wanted in the first place
  10. Erm.....the problem is, they're DIFFERENT housings for different cameras?
  11. Bloody typical!! After shelling out for a GX80/85 and an Ikelite housing after getting fed up of awaiting the release of THIS one, Ikelite announces its ARRIVAL!! http://www.ikelite.com/housings/panasonic/6961.08-panasonic-g80-g85.html
  12. Bob. You're a true gentleman. Can't thank you enough for your help and thoughts. There's so little info out there about this camera and it's capabilities, which is surprising given the length of time the housing has been available. I guess you're the 'pioneer', and I shall be joining you this summer with my own efforts in Egypt. I have ordered the IKELITE housing in a dome port, which accommodates a lot of lenses, including the 14-42mm Lumix Vario PZ, the 12-32kit lens AND the Olympus 12-50mm should I elect to get that lens too.
  13. OK, last pester on this GX80/85!! I think I have solved SOME of the problems and created more!! Ikelite, officially, do NOT offer a port option for the Lumix 14-42mm Vario PZ lens, as: " Physically the PZ lens could fit behind a port, but you would not be able to access the zoom feature. We cant access it in our housing because the zoom is controlled by a toggle switch that is too close to the camera body, right in line with the port mount". Of course, now that I have pointed out to them that the ZOOMING of the lens can be operated via the camera and a 'sleeve' is not necessary, they are probably going to change their mind. Sooo....final lens choice. Should I stick to the 14-42mm PZ option, OR go for the Olympus 12-50mm. AND, If I DO; should I choose a flat port or a dome. As I film in ambient light, (fairly shallow waters of the Red Sea, down to around 25 metres/80 feet), I need to Manually WHITE balance using a Red Filter, something easily done with a flat port of course. Please note that my interest is purely VIDEO, although I am learning some stills. Thoughts and advice most welcome.
  14. Thanks Griff. I am a seasoned videographer, and shooting video with these mirrorless or DSLR type cameras is all new to me. I'm not that conversant with diopters, and the 14-42 Panasonic PZ lens seemed the ideal option to me until I discovered there's no DOME port for it, although I would have thought a flat port would have worked. I can't understand why not, if not, but certainly this lens isn't listed on the Ikelite PDF that I have read. May have to look at other options, including diopter. Once again, many thanks for your input and help.
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