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  1. Hey Drew, I share your enthusiasm! I'm just getting into UWP too, and am also a topside pro. Something you might want to consider, as I did, is housing a D300 instead of your D3. I didn't want to house one of my D3s for a couple of reasons, after having asked around here first: the size and weight of it being a main one, and the cost were a flood to happen. I asked here also about typical ISOs underwater and the answers were usually very low, so I thought I might not need that feature of the D3... so I bought a D300 to house. Have you considered picking up a D700? Might be a good option. Of course, shooting with the D3s topside myself, I understand the appeal of taking that underwater! It'll be awesome! Here are some pics of my new set up, in case you're interested: http://coreymcnabb.blogspot.com/2008/12/new-toys.html Looking forward to seeing some pics with your new gear! Corey
  2. Nothing new for you for most of y'all, but a few other newbies like myself might like to see some photos of my new Sea & Sea housing, and next to it a D300 and a D3 for scale... also, the YS-250 strobe next to an SB-900 and an SB-800. Just thought you might find it of some interest, as I would have when I was shopping for a set-up. Here ya go: http://coreymcnabb.blogspot.com/2008/12/new-toys.html Corey
  3. Steve, Thank you for taking the time to respond. Rum, you say? Nuf said, I'm in! I knew I'd like underwater photography! Thanks again, Corey
  4. Hi Tim, thanks for the advice! Yes, I may try a filter on one of my free-dives (ha, see, I'm catching on!) and a strobe on another. I don't have another destination job lined up soon, so figure I'll try out a few things while I have the chance. As for the diopters, can you link me to some of your samples please? Thanks again! Corey
  5. Thanks, Dustin. As we may be taking a ferry to St. John... do you have a favorite spot there?
  6. Bummer! That would have been fun to meet up. My clients did mention taking a ferry to St. John, but that doesn't really help either.
  7. Hello all, Since my last series of posts, I have bought a D300 and a Sea & Sea housing for it. (I didn't think I wanted to house one of my D3s, so had asked if I should house a D2X or pick up a D300... I did the latter). I also bought the 9.5" dome port and a ys-250 strobe. I'll probably be using the 12-14mm and the 10.5mm, as I'm guessing they would be easier options for shooting people underwater (and since I have yet to buy a port for my 105mm). I'm primarily a wedding photographer, and on occasion shoot honeymoons too. It was on a honeymoon shoot this past summer that I first fell in love with underwater photography using a housed point and shoot. I have booked the coverage of another couple's honeymoon, and in a couple of weeks, will be heading to St. Thomas for a few days. This will be the first shoot with the new housing. I have not finished my scuba training, nor will I have a lot of personal time while there, so will only be snorkeling. So, I'd be delighted to receive your advice... I may not be taking the strobe, but if I do, I have yet to purchase the sync cord... so which one will I need, and do I have to have the ttl converter too if I just want to use the light manually or can I just use the cord from the housing directly to the ys-250? Does anyone have good recommendations as to where in St. Thomas would be good spots for snorkeling? Any tips, concerns, or tricks for the housing's first trip (traveling with the dome port, first water entry tips, etc.)? I've also seen several very thorough and in-depth reports on the logistics of light and dome ports, but is there a short answer as to whether or not I need a diopter, and if so which, with the Nikon 12-24 and the 9.5" dome port? Thanks in advance, Corey
  8. Hi, I have owned both the old and new 105mm lenses, and can say that the new, VR version is much better (for me, anyway). As for the markings, the AF-S is for the Silent wave Auto Focus. The VR is for Vibration Reduction. IF-ED stands for Internal Focus - Extra low Dispersion, which refers to the quality of the elements. The old 105mm was a nice lens but it was very slow to focus and hunted a lot. I love the new version. Here's a short slideshow from the first time I tested out the new 105mm (not underwater, sorry): http://coreymcnabb.com/slideshows/090822_butterflies/ Hope that helps, Corey
  9. Very interesting topic... I'm in a very similar situation to Sylvie's, so this is very useful. I'll be housing a D300 en lieu of my heavier D3s and am looking for a housing. I'm drawn to the Sea & Sea with Subal following closely due to the price tag. Thanks all for sharing your knowledge! Corey
  10. Ok so here's an update: D200: Sold Vertical grip: Sold D2X: Sold Telecoverter: Sold 12-24mm: Sold Still on the market: Nikon 24-120mm Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto AF f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S VR Autofocus Lens. Mint w/ hood, caps, box. Good all purpose travel lens. -- $395 or best offer. Nikon 70-300mm Zoom Telephoto AF f/4-5.6G Autofocus Lens. Like new, light weight, w/ hood, caps, 62mm UV filter, box -- $145 or best offer. If interested: Email: info@coreymcnabb.com or call: 828.254.4954
  11. Hey Jose, The ISO noise on the D300 at 200 is exceptional! The lower settings are actually algorithms that process the 200 setting to emulate that of lower ISOs, which is why Nikon simply doesn't call then ISO 50, 100, etc. The in-camera processing of the lower settings does a fine job, but I always say, especially when shooting raw, that the less you have the camera do, the greater control you'll have in post. If the 200 rating is still too noisy for you (which, if you're nailing your exposure, it most likely shouldn't be), then using a plug-in like Noise Ninja would be the way to go. I didn't have a D300 at the time of this post, but a few months ago I did a comparison test on my blog with different cameras' ISO capabilities. You can check it out here: http://coreymcnabb.blogspot.com/2007/12/ni...anon-5d-vs.html Hope that helps, Corey
  12. NIKON GEAR FOR SALE A friend of mine is convalescing here in Asheville, NC and has some Nikon equipment for sale: Nikon D-200 camera, used for only 127 pictures. Mint w/ factory boxes and vertical grip/battery holder -- $1250 Nikon TC-20e 2X doubler, metal : -- mint condition with pouch -- $175 Nikon 12-24 wide angle lens, mint w/ box, hood -- $850 Nikon 24-120mm Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto AF f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S VR Autofocus Lens. Mint w/ hood, caps, box. Good all purpose travel lens. -- $395 or best offer. Nikon 70-300mm Zoom Telephoto AF f/4-5.6G Autofocus Lens. Like new, light weight, w/ hood, caps, 62mm UV filter, box -- $145 or best offer. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And I'm selling one of my D2X bodies, as I now have two D3s. Own a pro-level camera for the cost of a prosumer! Nikon 12.4mp D2X Pro Body All original packaging and paperwork....strap never even out of the wrapper! Great condition! Meticulously maintained and recently serviced by Nikon. With a pro shutter rated well over non-pro bodies, there are years of reliable life left in this winner with only 130K+ actuations. Some minor wear. Plus, take advantage of its many other features including: -Larger capacity battery (over 2000 images on a single charge!) -Faster Auto Focus -High Speed Crop Mode for up to 8 frames per second -Faster algorithms for processing and writing to the card -Large 2.5 inch monitor -Supports optional Wi-Fi and GPS -Alloy construction with weather seals -11-area TTL focusing points -Voice recording -100% viewfinder frame coverage -and much more! Asking only $1850 or best offer. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks, Corey If interested: Email: info@coreymcnabb.com or call: 828.254.4954
  13. Wow! Thank you all for such thorough posts. I'm a member of several other photography forums and rarely in those are answers as deep... I suppose I should expect nothing less than from an underwater group. You've helped confirm that I'll be going the D300 route. I sold one D2x today, and the other will hopefully sell soon. The D300 will be an adequate backup for my D3s topside and still be a good camera for underwater that isn't too big. I saw a Sea & Sea D70 housing yesterday in person and it solidified for me that I don't want a housing for one of my D3s... too big. So, now my search begins for a D300 housing, lights, etc. Historically, my theory has been "buy the best, and get back to work" so I'd like to stay close to that adage. Marjo, I appreciate your car analogy. I don't want the "Ford Focus" level housing, and I don't really need a "Ferrari" housing (I've always been partial to Aston Martins myself). So using your analogy, I'd like to know my housing options in the Lexus/Mercedes/BMW level... having said that, I want the LS460/S-Class/7-Series, not the entry levels please, if there is such distinction in housings. Several of you mentioned buying equipment based on my style. I'm as curious as you to see how my style of photography will translate underwater. I'm excited to explore that. I'll be sure to check around this forum further for more inspiration and answers, but in regards to the comment above about investing in good scuba certification, is there one better than others... PADI, SDI, etc.? My local dive shop (in the mountains of North Carolina?!) offers both. Thanks again and I look forward to hanging out here more in my spare time (spare time, what's that?) Corey
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