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  1. I have the same housing. Forgive me, I'm trying to understand your issue. Are you using ball clamps and ultralight arms?That's what I use and I don't have any positioning or clamp issues, and at times have both vid lights and strobes mounted with tri-clamps at the end of my arms. When my clamps are snug, nothing moves or tilts.
  2. Yeah, it's 18650x7. It's on the batteries and the MSDS the company sent me. The rep said the info was incorrect on the website. So yeah, I'm curious if they made that change and haven't updated the page and like Interceptor121 mentions, what else might be incorrect or not updated? Welp... I will find out when I road test them in a couple weeks in the Philippines. I will give a full report when I return. All I can say now is they are insanely bright compared to my Sola 1200's . They have 4 power settings to dial them down for macro and of course the red light feature.
  3. Ouch! Didn't really think it would be an issue with these compact lights. So I can't find any specs on the BB website for these battery packs (the ones I received). I see on your chart on the other thread that they are rated at 134wh. I went to this conversion page...... https://milliamps-watts.appspot.com/ I plugged in the info on my battery pack ( 18650x7 ) which is - 3400mAh and 25.9V It gave me a total of 88wh. Am I missing another variable?? Thanks for the heads up and help! **EDIT - I called Big Blue and they sent me over the MSDS for my battery pack. Thankfully it is 88wh!!!!!! The one listed on the website as the pack for this light is incorrect, hopefully they will straiten that out.
  4. Well that sure is a little deceiving. I see nowhere on the product page that it says 160 degrees in air. Yes, I shoot a fisheye lens.
  5. I just bought the Big Blue CB15000P. I've seen it mentioned a couple times here that their Beam angle is 120 degrees. According to their website the beam angle is 160 degrees. Which seems a plus to me seeing I shoot a lot of WA. We shall see in a couple weeks when I road test them in the Philippines. https://bigbluedivelights.com/products/15000-lumen-warm-white-video-light/
  6. Agreed, I will keep the sola's, using one on my hotshoe for macro. The Big Blues can be stepped down also. With TONS of battery life If I do.
  7. A lot of my work is WA, reefscapes, Walls, swimthroughs, Cenotes etc. True it's overkill for macro I've decided to go with these badboys....Thanks for the input folks! https://bigbluedivelights.com/products/15000-lumen-warm-white-video-light/
  8. Howdy! Well, after 8 years my Sola 1200 vid lights are dying. I am now shooting a GH5 and want to upgrade my lights. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Here's what I've found so far, thoughts? Kraken 5000S - nice small package, but everything I'm hearing 5k lumen is not enough Big Blue 10K lumen - This looks really nice. Only question is the temp, 6500. Hoping I can compensate temp with my GH5 manual WB? Price tag $649, which is spectacular for a 10k lumen light. At second glance they have a 9k lumen with a 5000k color temp for the same price as the 10K lumen. This one is the front runner right now. Archon - Seem like decent light but I've heard the build might be not the best Scubalamp V6K - 12k lumen at a sensible price!! Unfortunately... I don't see a US distributor Keldons - Too costly but gorgeous.
  9. I've been using AO Coolers for 10 years for my rigs. International (Asia) is tough for weight restrictions, 7KG. Fits my GH5 and Nauticam housing, Small HD monitor and Nauticam housing, all my lithium batteries and GH5 lenses. All that just under 15lbs. The cooler also serves as my carry bag to dive shop/on boat and rinse tank. Honestly, I've yet to come across a better solution. In your scenario I understand not wanting to "Pack" it around. Normally when I fly unrestricted Carry on weight add to the above load out my strobes x2, sola lights x3. I basically just set the cooler on top of my wife's roller and cruise through the airport.
  10. Recently upgraded to the GH5 and am now selling my workhorse! Great rig with one button white balance at depth. Internal flip red filter for stunning at depth color. Selling everything pictured for $1000 obo. Everything you need to dive in is Included in this complete kit. Only thing missing is Lights, which I only used maybe 20% of the time... Canon Vixia S30 HD Video camera Light and Motion Bluefin housing 80 degree wide angle port Flat macro port Macro Mate flip wet lens 2 Loctite arms External Mic for topside work --$160 new! Charger Here are some videos shot with this rig!!
  11. Thanks guys! Can't wait to get back in the water to experiment some more with it.
  12. Here's some footage from my first outing with the new Lumix GH5. Thought it performed well as far as video. Stills I'm a bit disappointed by. Knew full well it might be a shortcoming after reading all the reviews. That being said, I did get some nice still grabs from video with natural light! Here's a video of some of my favorite Cozumel sites. Maracaibo, Palancar Garden, and Cedral Pass.
  13. Yeah, not too surprised. Sorry to hear about that Stephan. I'm down here in Coz now. If I run by their shop I will peak in to see if they have anything playing.
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