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  1. Is anyone interested in a complete kit with all kinds of spare parts of a Sony FX1 in a Light & Motion housing with lights? This is an old system that has been in storage for years and it is way past time to make space. I moved on to the SLR and Mirrorless world and left the tapes behind. If you have a need for legacy video gear then this might be for you! Equipment includes: 2 - Sony FX1's with batteries and charger, 1 - Light & Motion underwater housing with spares of the electronics and o-rings, 1 set each of Sunray HID & Sunray LED lights (these mount to the handles) batteries and battery pods (these mount to the housing) . Flat port and dome port. Pelican case for the housing. Specials include an Xit 404 Tripod Plate & Legs, Internal +7 Flip Diopter, and a PentaMirror. I still have some of the digital tapes too. I am sure there are other parts I have forgotten. Please be aware that this equipment has not been turned on nor been put in the water for years. I added a picture of what the rig looked like. If you want to see what kind of video you could take with this (if it still works) go here https://vimeo.com/11357757 I am not interested in piecing this out - its an all or nothing proposition. Please if you do take the equipment it is in as-is condition with no guarantees it works or that all the parts are there. Let me know if you are interested. We can make contact thru this forum and then talk further offline.
  2. When will a housing for the FS700 be ready? I was planning on the FS100 but not a fan, the FS700 is more what I want. I would put in an order now if it was available.
  3. Why in the world would you switch? FC7 does a very fine job and it integrates well enough with Compressor, Motion, Color, DVD Pro. Changing to a new and upgraded program when it just left the gate is territory for first adopters. Is it really that important? I have been watching the forums, not just WP, and I was all twisted about the new paradigm, lost features, and feeling abandoned by Apple that I finally just did a 180 out of exasperation. FCX is apparently a ghost of it's former self but fills a niche, one that just does not include some editors. Does this matter to me? In a parallel universe a very similar story unfolded years ago. I like my associates put the developer to task about it's latest and greatest product upgrade. We got nowhere. Finally an entire market segment just upped and stopped upgrading. That company lost huge market share that is now dominated by a then small upstart competitor. I am still using the old program today, over 5 years after the debacle and making money using it. I am guessing FC7 can continue for years in the same way. I have been searching for FC7 only forums. There is one on the Apple website that has members who will not upgrade. If anyone else knows of others please post them. I for one am not upgrading even if it is only $300. Unless someone hits me over the head with a 2x4 of new must have features expect to see me using FC7 for awhile. I have far too many assets to abandon and too little time to dedicate to a program that so far is getting mixed reviews. If I learn anything new it would be with a company who's life depends on good graphics programs and not on a company who sells more hardware because it happens to have graphics program. Its all about core competency for me now. I will still watch the forums ... so far it's been an interesting read.
  4. What exactly happens to video shot while the sensor is over temp? The manual says it will be degraded.
  5. You should call and talk to Rusty at Backscatter. He (and Berkley) have been shooting video on a Dive-X DPV for a bit now. He may be able to give you some pointers. Check their web site and you will see an awesome video they did of a wreck this way.
  6. This is one dive I am going to avoid. Imagine trying to get decent video with the many divers present assuming there are any Mantas. Besides I don't need to add myself into the mix and further stress them out. If I had to choose a system I favor tickets (aka quotas). One clearinghouse for tickets with a limit on the number/day. Policing will be difficult tho but possibly self-policing? Those that paid to get in enforce access on those that try to poach. I really hate the idea of controlled access like this but if this helps the Mantas then so be it.
  7. Nick, downloaded ZIP and opened it. All that came thru was a 2 sec file called "Motion-JPEG-B-75percent.mov" and a file called "Cineform3point3-from-Vegas.avi" the other two files were corrupted. I was able to view the mov file but nothing else so no comparison possible. If it is worth anything the mov file look good. Mike
  8. Thanks for the compliments. Videoing these little critters is extremely challenging. I am still not satisfied with what I got and am going back this year in an attempt to do better! I will just dive ladybugs multiple times. Ladybug Ladybug Take 2 here I come! What makes these so difficult is they seem to like walls. In Komodo on Yellow Wall 'o Texas and Cannibal Rock the currents and surge make it nearly impossible to hold still and keep them in focus for more than a few seconds (watch my video a few times and try not to get sick 8~o). Sometimes I get lucky and can safely set down all three legs of my tripod without damaging anything. So to combat this I am fabricating a custom add-on for my custom tripod to allow quick adjustment of camera position in and out and left to right. I am also gong to a +7 diopter that increases my F-stop a bit improving depth of field. With this I hope to keep them in frame and in focus even with surge! Fingers are crossed! I doubt anyone can shoot these guys without the proper gear and if even then consider yourself very lucky. Mike
  9. Complete HID light system for sale. Pods, 4 light heads with lock-line, batteries, charger, pod locker. Email me if you are interested.
  10. My wife and I use three of these puppies. They are awesome for protecting gear but they do weigh in at 16 pounds or so. I do like the compartments and how easy they are to configure. Highly recommended.
  11. see my post... 20% off any product on my web site.
  12. I am looking for flooded or non-functioning underwater camera gear. I mainly am looking for Nikon camera bodies and lenses. I design after marker equipment and use the parts to take measurements. Please contact me if you have gear that you are willing to part with. I will pay the freight and also give you a 20% discount on any product I sell (see www.xit404.com).
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