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  1. Interested in the 18462 extension. Still available?
  2. Interested in everything but the macro port. Will be used for Nikon 10-24. Can you confirm zoom gear is compatible? Your part # is slightly different than that recommended by Aquatica.
  3. Here are two of my favourites. The first is from Turks and Caicos and the second from a trip with Alex Mustard to Isla Mujeres.
  4. Jean, could you include me on the instructions for annual service?
  5. Alex, thanks again for leading us during the first week. It's been said several times already but one more time won't hurt.....this was an awesome trip! Going from never having seen a whale shark to being surrounded by them is an experience I won't forget. Carlos
  6. Would a 100mm dome well on this trip or is the 200mm better suited?
  7. Hi Jose, If you're still looking for a G9 housing I have one to sell along with a flat port and an Epoque wide angle lens. If you're planning on using an Ikelite strobe I also have a sync cord for sale. Regards, Carlos
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