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  1. Yes, they are still available. If you give me an address, I'll check shipping rates. Thanks.
  2. I have two Sola 1200 video lights for sale. In excellent condition, with ULCS ball mounts. They work perfectly. 3 power settings in both wide and spot mode. A/C charging cables, padded bags included for both lights; one is boxed. $300/each, $550 for both. US shipping only, via UPS. Contact Russell: rascal66 at earthlink dot net
  3. Corey, I'm a PADI instructor, so I'm partial to that system. However, all certification agencies will basically teach you the same information in terms of safety and skills. Some are more detailed than others, some are more recognized around the world...so there are definite differences in approach. I would say the most important thing is the rapport you have with the dive shop, because no matter how good the system is, if your instructor sucks you will not have as much fun. If you develop a good relationship with your local shop, you will have friends for life and an endless source of buddies and good customer service. I'm sure you experience the same with camera shops. Having said all that: go PADI. -Russell PS - You have a wealth of good wreck diving off the coast in NC. It's one of my future must-do's!!
  4. Hi Corey, I shoot a D70 in a Sea & Sea housing. I like the housing a lot--sturdy, reliable--and will probably stick with S&S when I upgrade my camera. FWIW, friends who have other housings seem to have more leaks and other complaints. That said, no housing is waterproof if not cared for, so whatever you get you should plan on being REALLY diligent about cleaning o-rings, etc. All it takes is one stray hair for your expensive housing to become an aquarium, and your expensive camera to become a museum piece. Sync cables seem to be the weakest link in the chain. They are prone to stresses and strobes have pins that are too easily bent. A tiny amount of water on the contacts means an electrical short and therefore a non-working strobe underwater--I know from experience--so make sure you keep everything nice and dry. I suggest a housing with a separate port for each sync cable. Mine only has one port, requiring a Y-cable to use both strobes. The Y-cable is not made anymore, so if mine goes out it will be hard to find. (I think I can use a TTL converter, but I haven't had the need to try that yet.) Being a pro on land, you may find yourself frustrated underwater at the lack of control over everything, from lighting to subjects to keeping the camera still. A couple of photographer friends have often gotten out of the water and jumped up and ready to quit. I echo what others have said about lenses: you'll shoot either macro or wide. Can't wait to hear what your experiences are like and hopefully see some of your pics. Welcome to a new world! Russell
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