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  1. It started with buying a JVC Digi for my wife, after that a house, now she also wants lights, getting expencive I guess, now the Quetion how strong should these lights be, the LX-25 from Sea and Sea, or maybe two, who can advise us?
  2. I s there anybody who can tell me which angle the Sea & Sea Strobe YS 25 AUTO can make, can it succesfully cover the 16mm Converter from Sea & Sea? I read that this flash will be delivered with a diffusor and from the NIKONOS I know that it work very well!
  3. I have a Minolta Xt in original Minolta MC - DG 200 house and recently I bought a fiber cable to fire my SB-105 flash in the hope to get some more colors, well one out of ten I do have a image which is colorfull but in many cases it looks like if the flas made every thing even more dark. I work since nearly 20 Years with normal photo equipment under water but I cannot get on line why my images are turning out so dark, if the flash would "over power" it would result in over exposure. Somebody out there who dealt with this problem too?
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