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  1. Merci Jean! Meme-ci je marche avec un Subal! I'm working in a Subal housing with a 5D mk2 and I'd find any alteration too radical right now. But if I contemplate a change I'll know whom to call...and I've delighted in your advice here, for which many thanks! J Duvall
  2. Can anyone tell me if the "built-in" lens hood on this prime lens can (or should) be removed for underwater work? I'm a bit partial to rectilinear WAs, but remain a beginner. I think I'd enjoy this lens for landscape work as much as anything, but would also hope to use it on an upcoming UW Galapagos trip. My 5D2 is Subal-housed... thanks, Jake Duvall
  3. Yeah that's possible : I've already lost my original Subal (which was too small anyway) that way. Lots of good suggestions here, for which many thanks. --Jake
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