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  1. Thanks Evil & taxi for feedback on scubalamp. Looks appealing. On their website it seems their is only two output level (12k and 6k). Am I wrong and it there a convenient way to dim ? Is the advertised 60min burn time a reality ? Taxi it looks quite even in your (nice) video with no hotspot in the center do you confirm ? @bevanj, this is for Nikon FF with sigma 15mm. 2 lights of 120 should do it if it is real and even Thanks Jerôme
  2. Thanks Rich Scubalamp v6k even more appealing regarding spec on paper. And til now it win over bigblue because I have 0 real life feedback , while at least I have 1 for scubalamp (you 😀). Anyone else on both options ? (Or any other option I could afford) How even is it over the 120 ? Is the advertise power and especially warm color nice ? And so forth... any feedback much welcome Cheers Jérome
  3. Anyone tried this video light ? Very appealing spec on paper (6000lumesn, 120 degree, 5000k, 2 hours, 499$) but what does it give real life ? I have currently 2 sola and very happy with it most time, but I feel it is too short when in WA. I would like some more reach, and would dream to replace by 2 keldan or equivalent, but cannot afford. On paper 2 bigblue vl6000p would be an intermediate: more powerful, wider, warmer. But this is only on paper, any feedback would help. Thanks Jérome
  4. Only one slot remaining... deluxe cabin on deck sharing. Sharing with a men if you are a men, sharing with a women if you are a women... Cheers, J
  5. We chartered the liveaboard Mermaid 1 with friends. Unfortunately a couple of friends have to cancel last minute, so we have two slots available. 10d/9n 28 dives. From 10 to 19 April 2017 Price -20% public price meaning 2640euro in budget cabin or 2960euro in deluxe cabine. The boat is great, I was on it a couple of years ago for Komodo and enjoyed so much I decided to charter it with friends. The location Raja Ampat I don't think I need to advertise ;-) If you want more details, pm Cheers Jerome
  6. Wonderfull pictures Craig. Have fun in KK : I love this city!!!
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