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  1. What a great video and I love the music! Was this done with natural ligth? Love to see more. ButchP
  2. Love to!! Got laid off the first of Dec.08 so my plans are sort of in limbo but got a new job now and trying to get back into the swing of things. New job will put me in Aruba from mid May to end of July. Can't miss out on diving on the company nickle!!!! If you have any info on dive shop there let me know. Butch Palmer
  3. Hey Kevin I was born in Memphis but I've lived in Chattanooga most of my life.
  4. No I haven't. Might be a good read - I'll check it out this weekend. BP
  5. If you are coming from Bali to eat 'Q I'll cook all the butts and ribs you can eat!!!!!! BP
  6. New to the site and would just like to say hello and WOW WHAT A SITE!!!!!!!!! I have been out of diving and photography for a number of years and slowly getting back into the swing of things. The articals and advise on this site is nothing short of fantasic. My old setup was a NIk III and Ike 150 strobe - scanning some of the old slides and will post my best (far short of the work I've seen here tho - LOL) later. New camera is a Nikon D60 and standard 35-70mm VR lens. Any and all comments are welcome and thanks in advance for your time. Sorry for such a long intro but you guys (and gals) have me pumped!! Butch
  7. New to the site and just wanted to say hello to every one!!!! Butch
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