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  1. Manual full dump shows capacitor's capacity difference (power rating). Approximately half f-stop. Within DS-125 power range TTL response shouldn't differ by design. Small differences due to aged capacitors / serial spread / etc. is fine for me as this would apply to combined identical strobe models as well.
  2. Thanks. That's interesting information. Glad it's just the focus assist that is left out and not the basic X-Sync. Are you bound to UWT converter developement?
  3. The capacitors are indeed bigger in terms of capacity because of the higher juice rating (higher full dump output by longer burning duration). Assuming the tubes are identical that does not lead to brighter light output (within the same burning duration) because I expect the capacitors voltage rating is unchanged (only higher capacity). Ikelite says using DS125/160 with TTL „is fine“.
  4. I know. Strobes are still fired by classic Nikonos TTL protocol (film days). But camera to converter electronic is E-TTL which basically always has got 6 pins. However Ikelite has already responded quickly and confirmed that their electronics just use 5 pins out of E-TTL. Which is different to other solutions but obviously works.
  5. Hi, using a DS-125 & DS-160 together - I wonder if this combination is fine for an Ikelite TTL-converter upgrade? From my understanding strobe power output is controlled by burning time (not by intensity). If DS-160 & DS-125 have the same bulb, they would output same amount of light with the same time frame. As TTL controls the burning time it should work without problems? Has someone run different DS (125/160/161/...) strobe combos with TTL? Thanx Julian
  6. Hi guys, Canon E-TTL (no matter if I or II, etc.) is basically driven by 6 pins. The Ikelite E-TTL converter ( https://www.ikelite.com/collections/ttl-converters-1/products/dl5-ds-link-canon-ttl-converter-ikelite-ct1-hotshoe-and-b1a-bulkhead-kit ) seems to be hooked up to a 5pin bulkhead? Is that correct? Do you know which contact is left out? Thanx Julian
  7. Thank You guys! Ikelite ran out of DS125 spare parts so I've chosen the upgrade option to DS160 for 450$. Curious how the manual power control in conjunction with DS125 (two strobe setup) will work. Should be no big issue. However some numbers as starting point for roughly synced settings.
  8. Hi, one of my Ikelite DS125 strobes got hit at the front edge. The inner metal ring at the front has been bend (see photo). I wasn't sure if the sealing was affected. But after the next dive the strobe didn't fire anymore and no recycle buzz sound. Anybody with similar experience and can tell if service still makes sense or better buy another one? Thanks Julian
  9. Unfortunately uwpix was offline for several days (uwpix.org is dead). I've just relaunched it here: www.uwpix.eu
  10. Thank You for your posts. I will go with the NiMH and keep my current chargers. Julian
  11. Hi. Need to replace my DS 125 batteries. Considering the NiMH battery packs. Does anybody know how much capacity (mAh) the cells have? Thanks. Julian
  12. 5D III vs D800 could be simple decision. Look into your lens bag what's compatible I wouldn't switch my lenses based on one camera generation for average pros and cons. As long as there is nothing substantial missing ... Radio strobe firing sounds interesting. Would be cool to dive with completely cableless strobe housings But the required hot-shoe mounted transmitter would give the camera housing a not soo cool design ;-) Understood the touch control feature is just a second option of adjusting? As long as adjustments can still be made via the wheel we won't face a problem here.
  13. Strobe housing for Canon 580EX. The cord has been modified to fit S6 bulkheads. Full Canon E-TTL (II) with any Canon EOS camera. The housing has never been underwater. Specs: Test Pressure: Housings are individually tested to 10 Bar (90 m / 300 ft.) Recommended working pressure 60m Closure Design: Air Lock Body Material: Polycarbonate Overall Size: 150x110x210mm (LxWxH) Total Weight: Approximately 830g (Housing only) Buoyancy (with Flash): Approximately neutral in salt water Julian
  14. If there is any Sealux MkI housing owner out there lusting for MkII I might have some good news. I removed the Y-shaped parts that push the buttons next to the top LCD. Placed the MkII into the housing. Following controls work without any further modification: shutter, top control wheel, rear control wheel, SET button, command dial, zoom/focus gear. Viewfinder feels fine too, no shading so far. I guess Y-shaped parts could be easily adopted for MkII . LCD view is OK. The window is missing a few millimetres so just the edges aren’t visible properly. But it’s possible to see the entire screen if you need to. Just tilt the housing a little bit. Doesn’t work: all the buttons left-hand side of the rear LCD incl. Liveview button! Those buttons definitely require modifications. But I think the housing is a good starting point for becoming modified. I had one day abroad opportunity to jump into the water with the MkII. The video feature is really an awesome toy to have on board on a SLR :-) I can’t compare to camcorders underwater as I’m no videographer. Julian
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