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  1. Mike, I've been in Cozumel this week and I'm definitely going to have to try the polish. The replacement sounds very inviting (having witnessed someone polishing a port). Do you know if I can remove the six allen-head screws and disassemble the lens to better access the scratches in the acrylic? Would I need to send the whole GP32 lens to get it replaced?
  2. Thanks for the tips. My husband has buffed out several scratches on one of his acrylic ports. Don't know why, but I thought the WP32 was glass?? Maybe because it's so heavy?? Perhaps saltwater is making my hair blonde?
  3. Diving in Raja Ampat was a thrill, but the hard corals scratch my GP32 lens (mantas liked the ripping currents, my camera didn't). This is some action I got of mantas at a cleaning station. I know the water fills in some of the scratches, but the sun "catches" on some and is annoying. If anyone knows if there is a way to remove scratches from this lens, please let me know. I really don't want to buy a new ($600) lens. Thanks, Galapagos Girl
  4. I started out with an Ikelite and the Canon HV20, which I loved. The housing just wasn't 'user friendly'. I bought the Gates HFS11 and the Canon HFS10, and I couldn't be more pleased. What a difference a housing makes! Now, if they just made a 45 degree viewfinder for camcorders ; -) Ann
  5. I'm hoping for lots of sun! I haven't sprung for lights yet (although I did sell an antique piano today so I have a little $). I'm a little worried about shooting without lighting. My HV20 was definitely better in low light than the HF S10. Wish me luck!
  6. I have successfully white balanced with this set-up on land, and the icon does quit blinking. Unfortunately, El Norte cut short my dives in Cozumel recently and I didn't get to fully test it out underwater. In a few weeks I'll be spending 12 days diving Raja Ampat and will have the opportunity to thoroughly test this rig. I'll report my results upon return. I use Manta white fins to WB.
  7. The Ikelite housing has SOLD. The Canon HV20 is still available for $500 (anybody need a back-up?).
  8. Hold yer horses - you don't want to pay that much. I'll let you have the housing for $700 (maybe I need a second camera for land shots?).
  9. I would consider selling just the housing, but I'd also be willing to drop the price to $1,195. It's always good to have a back-up camera
  10. Canon HV20, High Definition video and digital photo quality. Full HD CMOS sensor and advanced DIGIC DV II image processor. SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization and Instant Auto Focus. 10x HD video zoom lens. High Def and Standard Definition recording modes. All accessories and extra batteries. 1.2 lbs. Ikelite #6071 Housing with Super-Eye Viewfinder, Power Control, Record Start/Stop, Zoom Control, Photo/Snapshot Control, Function Button Control, Backlight Control, Auto/Manual Focus Control, Manual Focus Dial, White Balance (through Menu). Red filter. 9 lbs. Meticulously maintained; Purchased in 2007, 69 dives, functions perfectly, no known issues. In original packaging, includes manuals and instruction guides. Asking $1,395. Free shipping within the US. Accept PayPal or wire transfer.
  11. Mike. I was wondering about the Bluefin for the HFs11 - whether it was worth the price tag. I switched to video a couple of years ago. but wasn't sure I'd like it. So, I started with the Canon HV20 in an Ikelite housing. Now that I'm totally addicted (I love shooting and I love editing), I'm ready to move up. My Canon has worked so well in low light situations, I'd like to stick with them. I'm glad to hear the WA port delivers. Ann
  12. This set-up is looking pretty good. But, aside from price, what is the advantage of the Gates mechanical housing over L&M's new housing? The short video from DEMA on L&M's one-touch white balance is awfully appealing. Ann
  13. Ok, I've got an Ikelite and I had to take off the reverse mirror - my brain couldn't adjust. What the heck is an RIC? Can you clue me in? I've only been shooting for a year and am struggling to get the MWB down.
  14. Michel, I have a pair of white fins, MantaRay by APS; however the reality of sticking your leg out in front of you and zooming in to MWB is something else. This action causes you to start rolling backward underwater - rather disconcerting - while trying to WB. As far as using sand, that's worked for me on occasion, but I've been in situations when there was no sand anywhere. My greatest limitation to MWB appears to be the 5 screens I have to toggle through since I'm using a Canon HV20 with an Ikelite housing. I'm currently saving my pennies for a housing that offers one-touch WB. If anybody knows how to stick your leg out without somersaulting, please let me know. (I've only been diving for 30 years.) Good luck, Galapagos Girl
  15. Dear Thailand Stef, Just wanted you to know I "feel your pain". I've modified one of the toggles on the housing in hopes of making WB setting easier. I haven't had a chance to try it yet. As far as the semicircular ghost, I get it with the Inon UWL-100 when the camera tilt is just right - very annoying and darn near impossible to edit out. I'd love to try a new set-up, but right now I'm trying to do what I can with what I've got. I'll be anxious to hear if there's a wide angle lens that "cures" the problem.
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